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From Edibles to Tinctures, Topicals and even a thing or two for your furry friends, Envy CBD delivers top-quality, Broad Spectrum CBD for your wellness needs.

Our Commitment to Help You Feel Your Best

We are Envy CBD: a meticulously crafted collection of hemp-derived, whole plant CBD products that encourage holistic wellness.

Designed to Help

Naturally derived, whole plant hemp extract is chalk-full of benefits that simply help you feel good. It encourages your body to respond to those uncomfortable situations in a more meaningful way.

Envy CBD's Broad Spectrum CBD products include a wide variety of oils, edibles, and topicals at non-detectable THC levels all designed to help you feel your best, but without the risk of unwanted psychoactive effects.

Plant-Based Symbiosis

We ensure our products work - plain and simple. We do this by carefully crafting a function profile that takes a myriad of naturally-derived botanicals such as lavender, organic aloe vera, and eucalyptus to amplify the effects CBD consistently delivers.

At the end of the day, we want to make sure what you are putting into and on your body is good for you, in the most natural ways possible.

Broad Spectrum CBD

We guarantee our products contain non-detectable levels of THC, giving you all the benefits of hemp - without the risk.

No Pesticides, Ever

We cultivate our hemp the right way - using the sun and without pesticides to ensure the absolute best, CBD-rich hemp in the country.

100% GMO-Free

All Envy CBD products are GMO-free. This means you are putting only the highest quality products in your body. You health is our #1 priority.

Full Transparency

We provide full panel COAs on each batch we create. You deserve to know exactly what is and what should never be in your CBD.

Available Nationwide

All Envy CBD products contain non-psychoactive, hemp-derived CBD. This means you can feel your best everywhere in the country.

Learn More with Envy CBD

Whether you’re looking for simple wellness tips or want to learn more about CBD’s potential effects, we’ve got the info you need. Get educated with Envy CBD!

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