CBD Sour Gummies 200MG

For people who like a little “pucker” with their edibles, Envy CBD presents our CBD sour gummies.

With 10mg of CBD per piece, you’ll enjoy the slow-release effect, which can provide long-lasting relief from stress, upset stomach, irritation, and pain. While centering and calming the mind, this CBD sour candy imparts tranquility that sticks with you.

Nobody’s immune to the pressures of the modern world, but with the support of Envy’s CBD gummies, you’re subtly and effectively defended with broad spectrum, CBD.

These hemp CBD gummies spell sweet relief thanks to their helpful qualities. They’re a friendly health aid that frees you to excel.

Unlocking Your Best

Life throws you curveballs, but when you’ve got the reliable help of a holistic wellness aid you can catch them all with grace.

CBD sour gummies are introduced to the body through the natural process of digestion, diffusing its benefits slowly and for an extended period.

With the power of CBD helping you focus on what’s important, you get things done. Undistracted by annoyances like racing thoughts and the weight of stress, you can unlock your full potential.

A discreet ally like CBD sour candy is one you carry with you, ready to support you when the going gets tough.

Grown and Made in the USA

From the hemp fields of Minnesota to our US-based lab, Envy CBD applies exacting industry standards to all we produce.

We create products like our CBD sour gummies from single-origin, premium industrial hemp, producing a full-plant broad spectrum CBD hemp extract. For us, traceability and transparency are the basis of trust. 

Envy CBD does its utmost to earn your trust, ensuring that you get the highest quality CBD products. And because we believe in CBD’s incredible benefits, we make our quality accessible with affordable pricing that widens the circle. Connect with unmatched, accessible quality. Connect with Envy CBD.