CBD Tea Tree Shampoo Bar 250MG

CBD shampoo offers multiple benefits for the hair and scalp. Envy’s tea tree shampoo bar takes those benefits up a notch by removing oil, skin cells, and product buildup to reveal strong, healthy hair.

This thoughtfully formulated product unites CBD with two natural oils, enhancing its benefits. Tea tree oil cleanses impurities and moisturizes, while eucalyptus oil invigorates your scalp. Together, they holistically promote hair growth and elasticity.

When combined with astringent eucalyptus and hydrating tea tree, CBD becomes a rejuvenating treat for your hair and scalp in Envy’s CBD shampoo. Dryness and itching are eliminated, and you’ll experience a new level of brisk freshness.

Natural Gifts, Beautiful Hair

The legendary properties of CBD are a gift to beautiful hair. By promoting overall well-being and better sleep, CBD defends hair health. With its antiviral properties and healing benefits, CBD keeps your scalp free of damaging contaminants and irritation.

Envy CBD’s tea tree shampoo bar brings you the antimicrobial and moisturizing benefits of tea tree, then adds the lift of astringent eucalyptus. These three natural gifts work together to make this CBD shampoo a rejuvenating treat that imparts the alluring sheen of health.

Envy’s tea tree shampoo is joined by our lavender CBD shampoo bar, both created to the highest standards.

Quality + Transparency = Trust

Envy CBD’s commitment to quality starts in Minnesota’s hemp fields, where we derive our broad spectrum, full-plant extract CBD from a single source. This practice means you can trace your CBD to one specific place.

We foster transparency through every stage of production, including development and testing at our USA-based lab. All we do at Envy CBD is governed by the standards of ISO-6000 and GMP certification, ensuring that your trust in our quality is earned.

Our first commitment is to you, so Envy makes our superior quality accessible by making it affordable. Shop now to experience Envy’s hair-adoring CBD shampoo.