Usher in relief and relaxation with Envy’s peppermint CBD oil roll-on. With a bite of cool freshness, our oil roll-on can soothe your skin and bring you peace of mind through its effective aromatic properties. Made from a combination of full spectrum CBD and key natural ingredients, our peppermint CBD oil roll-on treats muscle inflammation and pain while washing away anxiety for a doubly powerful remedy for tension. Through its peppermint scent, this CBD oil roll-on for pain will wake up your senses with revitalizing snap, providing long-lasting relief and tranquility. The peppermint CBD oil roll-on is made with full spectrum CBD for your enhanced wellness and improved state of being.

Roll-On Relief

Whether you’re an athlete in post-workout recovery or a student studying for finals, our peppermint CBD oil roll-on will bring you relief and reinvigorate your mind. If you’re experiencing muscle stiffness or discomfort, simply roll the oil onto the targeted area. With 100 MG of full spectrum CBD in each bottle, the peppermint CBD oil is highly potent and effective - feel the pain disappear! This CBD oil roll-on for pain can also be used to help with insomnia, anxiety, stress, and aches. Use in conjunction with a tincture for a two-pronged internal/external approach that can help bring your mind and body to a place of relaxation.

Enjoy Premium Quality

Here at Envy CBD, we give you premium CBD at an affordable price. All of our CBD is organically grown here in America, without the use of pesticides or GMOs. We believe that by providing a natural product, your CBD experience will be elevated to a place of heightened potency. Envy values transparency and trust, which is why our lab reports are available online for you to read; you don’t have to wonder where your products came from, you can see for yourself! Enhance your wellness with Envy CBD.