CBD Relief Essential Oil Roll-On 100MG

With a bite of cool freshness, the CBD Relief roll-on can soothe your skin and bring you peace of mind through its effective aromatic properties. Made from a combination of broad spectrum CBD and peppermint essential oil, this roll-on topical delivers effortless relief and relaxation against some of the most uncomfortable situations we may find ourselves in. 

Roll-On Relief

Whether you’re an athlete in post-workout recovery or a student studying for finals, our peppermint CBD oil roll-on will bring you relief and reinvigorate your mind. Simply roll the oil onto the targeted area to feel better in a matter of minutes!

Enjoy Premium Quality

Here at Envy CBD, we deliver premium CBD on-demand. The highest quality broad spectrum CBD grown from pesticide-and GMO-free hemp is all it takes to ensure an experience worth writing home about. Envy values transparency and trust, which is why our lab reports are available online for you to read; you don’t have to wonder where your products came from, you can see for yourself! Enhance your wellness with Envy CBD.