CBD Barbershop Body Soap 250MG

Wash away the stress and anxiety, literally! Envy’s CBD rosemary soap will leave you feeling calm and clean, bringing you to a whole new level of freshness. You don’t have to worry about dryness or skin irritation – our rosemary soap washes away excess oil while leaving essential moisture for healthy and hydrated skin. Made with a blend of 250mg of broad spectrum CBD and key organic ingredients, including coconut, olive, and avocado oils, this CBD soap bar will leave your skin feeling smooth as silk while relaxing tension and easing irritation. Washing off has never been so calming.


Bath time is an important part of anyone’s daily routine. Whether it’s a quick hop in the shower after a workout or extended spa time to unwind at night, the therapeutic value of bath time can’t be denied. With CBD rosemary soap, your bathing routine can be brought to the next level. Natural and organic, this soap is made without the strong chemicals usually found in generic soaps, so it’s easier on your skin. The addition of broad spectrum CBD helps reduce tension and can encourage dermal wellness. For the ultimate CBD spa day, use our rosemary soap along with our other body and body products and feel the difference of Envy CBD.

A Class of Our Own

No one does it quite like Envy CBD. Like all of our products, our CBD soap bar is made without the help of pesticides or GMOs. The quality of our CBD is tested in our labs before being infused into our products. You can see the Envy difference yourself by reading our lab reports. With our CBD rosemary soap, you get to experience all-natural, holistic relief while washing. A simple addition to a daily routine that’ll alleviate stress and promote wellness, Envy’s CBD Soap is not just a bar of soap, it’s an essential healer.