CBD Lavender Body Lotion 300MG

Relax, unwind, and renew, luxuriating in the combined power of calming lavender and broad spectrum CBD with this soothing hemp oil lotion.

Envy CBD brings you an all-around lotion that moisturizes, protects, and refines your skin. But this broad-spectrum CBD lotion offers even more by soothing muscles after a workout, addressing pain and inflammation, and bathing your deserving skin in luxurious hydration.

Add to all these benefits the soft allure of lavender. Known for its properties since ancient times, lavender soothes the mind and body, offering your skin improved circulation and balanced oil production.


Better Together

Active people will find a friend in Envy’s lavender CBD lotion. Containing 300mg of our single-origin CBD, this product is the ideal companion to a life of perpetual motion.

Apply a small amount of this premium hemp oil lotion, and, in under an hour, tension drifts away as lavender and CBD join forces to nourish and pamper your skin.

Your skin gets the broad effect with twice-daily applications, glowing with the power of CBD and the calming, antiseptic properties of lavender. As the live wire you are, you need a soothing friend like this broad spectrum CBD lotion.

High Standards, High Quality

The story of Envy CBD’s skin-loving hemp oil lotion starts in the fields of Minnesota. Our single-origin CBD extraction processes are governed by stringent quality assurance. From the farm, through testing and development at our US-based lab, Envy CBD ensures quality with exacting end-to-end standards.

Certified by ISO-6000 and GMP, all Envy’s manufacturing processes are governed by the pursuit of quality achieved with transparency and traceability you can trust.

At Envy, we believe that CBD is for everyone, so we create exceptional products at affordable prices. Connect with accessible quality. Connect with Envy CBD.