CBD Sleep Essential Oil Roll-On 100MG

Let us help you achieve a deep sleep you never dreamed possible! Made with a blend of broad spectrum CBD and lavender essential oil, our CBD Sleep Essential Oil Roll-On provides a wash of relaxation and calmness, perfect for those getting ready to hit the hay.


Sleep is essential for our well-being. From encouraging digestion to promoting mental health, sleep is something you can’t live without. Our CBD Sleep Oil is a great tool to combat those feelings that might otherwise hinder your ability to get that much-needed shut-eye. Whether you’re experiencing occasional restless nights or you’re a habitual night owl, our Lavender CBD Oil Roll-On can help send you off to dreamland.


Grown in Minnesota, our Hemp-Driven CBD provides targeted and holistic relief for a superior experience. We know how hard it is to find a CBD shop that is reliable and trustworthy, which is why we make our lab reports fully available for your reading. We value our transparency, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Have more questions? Check out our FAQ / Knowledge Center or contact us! We are always happy to support our customers on their CBD discovery journey.