Why Giving Your Dog CBD Is the Way to Go

September 22, 2020 6 min read

Why Giving Your Dog CBD Is the Way to Go

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For many pet parents, the furry members of the family are the bundles of joy.  Sure, they take a lot of care, time, and energy, but they are completely worth the effort for the love they return.  Sometimes, our dogs can have anxiety and get restless just as people do; and depending on the breed, its upbringing, and its personality, it's not uncommon that your little fur-ball may have some triggers, some bad days, and some good days.

Unlike people, our dogs do not have the capacity to take care of themselves by mitigating their stress of anxiety levels when they are feeling off or having a ruff day (pun intended).  Perhaps loud noises and construction terrify them and they whimper and shake and refuse to use the bathroom outside, having an accident inside.  Perhaps they are unaccustomed to travel and act out in unfamiliar environments.  There are so many different reasons that a dog finds themselves more tense than usual.

For some dogs, they may also just be extra energetic and constantly chew on things they are not supposed to or be more aggressive than you would like.  This is where pet-friendly CBD can be a great solution to address some of these issues.  We know about the countless benefits that CBD can bring to us as people, but did you know CBD can be very beneficial for dogs as well?


Believe it or not, it is not uncommon to use CBD for our pets.  Just like people have different reasons for considering CBD, pet owners also have a wide variety of reasons.  If any of the following are applicable to you and your beloved pup, CBD might be something worth looking into.


Much like stress and anxiety can affect people negatively, pets can be impacted by anxiety and stress in various ways too.  CBD can help reduce the anxiety when they are particularly worked up.  Stress and anxiety can come from a number of different reasons:

  • Loud noises that your dog is not used to hearing.  For example, new construction or drilling during the day that isn't usually there.  This is outside of the norm and can create stress or a feeling of danger.  The uncertainty and panic isn't something all dogs can handle very well.
  • Fireworks or any type of explosion that creates shock waves in the ground and cause an abrupt noise.  This is particularly relevant during major holidays such as Independence Day and even New Year's.  Unless you live next to an amusement park where you dog has become desensitized to fireworks, many aren't used to the sounds at all.
  • Being left alone when they are used to having people with them, creating separation anxiety.  Remember that you are your dog's family and a part of their pack.  If they are used to being home all day with a person or multiple people around, they may get antsy and nervous when they are on their own, feeling abandoned.
  • Going to a new place they are not familiar with; new homes, new cities, new experiences even (riding in a car if they are not used to it).  Change and strange environments are scary for anyone; and if your dog doesn't normally go new places, this can throw them off quite a bit.
  • Having too many new faces and strangers all at once, if they were not socialized when they were younger.  Depending on your dog's upbringing, some may be better with strangers than others.  Nonetheless, even the ones that are great with new people can still experience anxiety if they are around a lot of new people all at once, feeding into their unease.
  • Being around other dogs and feeling threatened or territorial can also create levels of anxiety and stress.  Socialization with other dogs is important for your pet, but much like people, dogs can all have their won personalities.  Sometimes these personalities can clash and create tension between dogs.


As much as we love our pets, sometimes even the most well-behaved dog can have behavioral issues.  This is another area that CBD can help address by calming your pet down if they have excess energy or acting out in other ways such as:

  • Jumping around and always ready to play, eagerly looking for attention and even barking every few minutes.  This is not always a bad thing, but it can be when your dog has too much pent up energy and you need them to be calm.
  • Chewing on furniture, shoes, clothes, going through the trash, and otherwise ignoring the rules of the house.  Maybe you got your dog at a later stage in life where they are not picking up new training.  Maybe you slacked and haven't enforced training and your dog has picked up bad habits.  Or maybe this is an exception and you're not sure why, but you pet is acting out.
  • Chasing down the mailman, squirrels, passerby on the streets, running off while on walks and tugging the leash against your direction.  On one hand, it's great that your pet has a healthy amount of energy, but when they are exercising their natural dominant instincts and ignoring your direction, it can make handling your pet very difficult.
  • Aggressively nipping or even biting when they know they are not supposed to.  This is a big issue especially if you have your pet around children, guests, or even neighbors.  You want to ensure that your dog is able to interact without getting too aggressive.


If you are unfamiliar with CBD, the idea of giving it to your dog can be daunting.  We get it!  Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about CBD for pets.


Maybe your reservations are less about what CBD can do and more on how to get your dog to even take CBD.  This is actually a lot easier than you might think!  Like the CBD we as humans consume, there are a couple different ways to administer the good stuff for your pup.  For example, our CBD Pet Tincture can be added to food.  As easy as a few drops into the food bowl, your pup just inhaled its food and the CBD in the blink of an eye!

Another option to consider are our CBD Dog Treats.  Exactly as you'd imagine on how to take it, reward their good behavior with a treat or two!


This is a big fat FALSE, but, nevertheless a valid misconception.  A lot of pet owners are nervous about introducing CBD into their pet's lifestyle because they think it may cause their dog to get high or experience other side effects; but the truth is, hemp-derived CBD, like that of Envy CBD, is non-psychoactive.  Even for humans!  In its natural state, Full Spectrum CBD oil possesses under 0.3% THC, making it virtually undetectable!

What your pup is experiencing when given CBD is its natural healing and calming properties that help your dog feel much more relaxed and chill.  They won't get nervous or feel "out of it" at all!


CBD has a whole host of benefits that address mood, anxiety, stress, and tension.  When your pet is experiencing the negative impact of some of these things, it can be concerning and worrisome.  If other solutions haven't been working, CBD could be a great addition to help with some of these issues to help with some of these problem areas.  CBD comes in pet-friendly forms and does not have psychoactive effects.  All this being said, what do you and your pup have to lose?  Check us out!


Envy CBD's Pet Tinctures are designed specifically for your pet in mind. Made with simple ingredients and Full Spectrum CBD, your furry friends can now elevate their wellness with a quick-and-easy formula. Simply drop the recommended dosage directly into their mouth or mix with food to feel the difference within minutes.


It is now easier than ever to elevate your pet's wellness with our all-new bacon-flavored CBD Dog Treats. Each treat combines simple ingredients and Full Spectrum CBD to deliver a quick-and-easy alternative to relief.

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