What to Gift Mom for Mother's Day?!

April 27, 2022 4 min read

What to Gift Mom for Mother's Day?!

Mother's Day is a special holiday to celebrate the Mom's in our lives.  Whether it's your mom, your grandmother, or an influential woman that helped grow you into the person you are today, it's important we celebrate these wonderful people!  If you're like us, however, finding thoughtful and useful gifts is a difficult task to undertake.  So we've gone ahead and dropped six creative gift ideas to show the mom's in your life how much love and appreciation you have for them.  Who knows, it might just contain a whole lot of CBD!


Spending quality time with your Mother not only shows your appreciation for all that she does, but it also creates memories for both of you to cherish!  Take Mom out for a brunch date, a mani- and pedi- date at the nail salon, catch the latest flick at a movie theater, or book an appointment at one of those sensory deprivation spas for a full-body experience.  Better yet, you can package up all of those recommendations for an entire day of Mommy & Me time!

Speaking specifically for the sensory deprivation spas, people have reported feeling a deep sense of relaxation and several other wellness benefits that last for hours, if not, days!  We highly recommend booking an appointment and gifting Mom some much-needed and well-deserved TLC!

elevate mom's wellness with cbd!

If Mamma has always looked out for your health and well-being, now is the time to return the favor with the powerful effects of CBD!  Introducing a wellness routine centered around consistent and daily dosing of CBD sets up Mom for a life full of improved wellness aspects that include better mood, better sleep, less achy muscles and joints, brighter skin, and even a more-regulated appetite!

If we had to recommend one product from the entire Envy CBD product line, we'd recommend keeping it simple with our CBD Gummies.  With each gummy containing 10MG of CBD, these chewy and yummy fruity morsels can easily be taken at the beginning of the day to set Mom up for a full day of calm.  In no-time, Mom should be experiencing stress-free days, everyday!


Why is that Mom's carry just about everything in their bag?  Need a band-aid?  Ask Mom.  A snack?  It's in her bag.  A new car?  Probably in their too!  All jokes aside, Mom is probably in need of a bag upgrade!  Fawn Design has a catalog of bags that combine fashion and functionality.  Their Ultimate Motherhood Bundle includes their original bag that can be worn as a backpack or a cross-body bag, a bottle bag, pacifier bag, and straps to attach to any stroller.  And whether Mom has little ones or not, you know that she'll find use one way or another.


Flowers are pretty, fragrant, and can brighten up the room no matter where they're placed!  They can also pair well with other gifts you decide to get Mom!  Instead of gifting your Mom with flowers wrapped in cellophane, have them pre-planted in a pot so it can be displayed and enjoyed immediately.  The Sutton Self-Watering Planter is made from quality ceramic that is designed to self-irrigate, thus keeping the flowers fresh and healthy with little-to-no human contact.  Simply fill the pot with water and enjoy longer-lasting flowers and other plants day after day!


In another bid to support small, local businesses (not to mention, one of our friends of the company), Leora Makes is an artist that creates plants, wreaths, flowers, and fiber art that can seriously add that motherly touch to any part of the house!  The best part of it all?  Everything is made from sustainable materials that quite literally last forever!  So skip out on the fresh flowers for once and check her out!


Upgrade Mom's skincare routine with CBD-infused topicals!  Not a secret: our CBD Topicals are some of the best in the country; and we've spent a great deal of time really nailing down our formulas to be able to seriously improve the first line of defense against the elements.

Is Mom in need of a new daily moisturizer?  Give her the Green Apple or Lavender Body Lotion!  Infused with 300MG of CBD and a myriad of organic ingredients all designed to improve the skin's natural ability to protect against the elements and slow the natural progression of age, using a CBD Body Lotion is a no-brainer if Mom pays attention to on-demand wellness!

And what about a nighttime skincare product?  Keep Mom looking like she's not a day over 25 with the CBD Face Cream!  This unscented topical ointment helps to restore her natural beauty while also effectively moisturizing and nourishing the face!


We hope that our Mother's Day Gift Guide sparked some ideas for you.  Any of these options (or all them together) make for great gifts, and are sure to make Mommy Dearest feel just how much she means to you and the rest of the family.  If you're still on the fence of what to get her, and all else fails, a simple trip to her house to spend some quality time works wonders!  No matter what gift you end up choosing, your presence is the ultimate gift of all.  Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!  We hope you feel loved, pampered, and relaxed all day long!

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