What is CBD Soap - and Why Do You Need It Now?

January 11, 2021 5 min read

What is CBD Soap - and Why Do You Need It Now?

As of August 2019, approximately 1 in every 7 American adults use CBD-based products.  As CBD ramps up at a rapid pace, we're able to see the innovation at work with the ingenuity in new and improved cannabidiol products.

From feeling better when you wake up to bath and other self-care products, there's a wide range at your disposal.  In fact, now more than ever, users urge other to incorporate CBD into part of their wellness routine.  Even utilizing it when you're doing something as small as a daily self-are task like taking a shower, CBD infused soap truly shines in this informed day and age.

But what is CBD soap?  Why is it such a valuable self-care tool?  And more importantly, where can you get high-quality CBD soap you can trust?  We're here to break down all the answers in this guide today.


Put simply, CBD soap is soap that's been infused with a CBD-rich hemp extract.  Speaking from the experience of making our own CBD soap products, they're made with plant-based oils, butters, and essential oils or a fragrance.  Vegan and cruelty-free, they're a great option for unwinding after a long day.  As CBD topicals and bath products have become more popular in general, users have especially grown a liking towards this type of bath product.

Made from hemp plants grown in the United States, hemp and the cannabinoid extracted from it have demonstrated a variety of beneficial properties.  From moisturizing the skin to reducing redness and inflammation, calming activity in the sebaceous glands to lowering anxiety, CBD is a powerful tool for anyone's self-care system.

There are a variety of soaps infused with CBD.  Just within our Bath & Body Collection, for example, we have body soap bars, shampoo bars, and bath bombs.  This variety gives you options instead of being stuck within a hemp-scented soap.  The added aroma for each provides an additional level of aromatherapy to what the CBD does.


CBD-rich soap has a plethora of benefits.  Any plant-based soap is chockfull of nutrients and ingredients the body craves.

The topical benefits of CBD are known but are actively being researched.  What we do know is that a product like CBD soap can potentially provide anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, anti-aging, and other beneficial properties.

On top of the benefits that come from CBD and a plant-based soap, in general, aromatherapy has been shown to improve sleep quality, manage pain, ease discomfort, and much more.

What we did is take the benefits of plant-based products, cannabidiol, and aromatherapy and combine them into one beautiful bath product that's a wonderful addition to anyone's daily wellness routine.  Self-care comes in all shapes, sizes, and in this case, scents, so make sure you're using this self-care tool when needed.


Choosing the right CBD soap for your needs is up to personal preference, but there are also a few tips and facts to keep in mind when you start searching for your ideal CBD-based soap.

Check the Amount Labeled

Check how much CBD is contained within the product.  Not just for CBD soap, but any CBD-based product should specify how much CBD will be in both the bottle and in each serving.  Check how many milligrams of hemp extract or cannabidiol is contained within the product before you purchase.

Look at the Ingredients Listed

The ingredients that come along with the CBD matter just as much as the cannabidiol itself.  Our products for example, are made with coconut oil, purified distilled water, olive oil, and other essential oils.  In addition, the ingredients include sodium hydroxide, avocado oil, raw shea butter, sodium lactate, and the valuable CBD derived from hemp that's been grown here in the United States.

This gives us the perfect formula for cleaning the body and providing an extra layer of comfort for anyone's self-care routine.  Make sure you look at the CBD product label for all the ingredients before you make a purchase.

Factor It Into Your Budget

Is the CBD-based soap you're getting for someone else, or for yourself?  If it's for yourself, is this a special occasion soap, or something you are including as your regular hygiene routine?  This is all plays into the budget you set for your bath products each month, including that for the CBD soap.

Find Your Favorite Scent

Finally, we have a variety of different scents available for just our CBD Soaps alone.  You'll want to find your favorite scent so that you can the maximum benefits from it.  Finding the aroma of scent you enjoy the most when cleansing your body of the stress of the day is just another way to reduce stress, lower anxiety, and stimulate relaxation for you.


CBD Lavender Body Soap 250mg


Featuring 250mg of Premium CBD, essential oils, and a relaxing lavender scent, issues such as skin irritation, inflammation, and dryness fade away with a luscious, soapy later.

CBD Barbershop Body Soap 250mg


Packed with 250mg of Premium CBD and essential oils, including the all-too-familiar, fresh-shaved scent reminiscent of a trip to your local barbershop, issues such as dryness and irritation become a thing of the past as you reclaim your wellness routine for the year ahead!

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CBD Oatmeal Body Soap 250mg


Packed with 250mg of Premium CBD, essential oils, and a soothing oatmeal scents, issues such as extra sensitive skin, dryness, and inflammation wash away with ease.


CBD Tea Tree Shampoo Bar 250mg


Give your full head of hair the love it deserves!  Featuring 250mg of Premium CBD, essential oils, and a reinvigorating tea tree and eucalyptus scent, common issues such as dry scalp, inflammation and dandruff become a thing of the past.

CBD Lavender Shampoo Bar 250mg


Turning in for bed just got easier!  Featuring 250mg of Premium CBD, essential oils, and a soothing lavender scent, issues such as hair loss, thinning, skin irritation, and dryness wash away with ease.

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As we wrap up, the message is clear: CBD soap is only getting more popular by the day.  Users are finding massive benefits for it, especially ones looking for relief from symptoms like inflammation, pain, or overall discomfort.

While again, everyone is different, enough people are finding a use for CBD soap that it just continues to rise in popularity.  We look forward to a future where we understand even more about how CBD and aromatherapy can interact with our body and how we can utilize that fully.

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