What in the World Should I Get Dad for Father's Day?!

What in the World Should I Get Dad for Father's Day?!

Heads up!  Father's Day is just around the corner!  It's a special day dedicated to all the great dads out there.  And whether you want to celebrate your pop's, grandpa, uncle, or even a family friend who was instrumental in your upbringing, we have some great ideas for you.

One of the best ways to show him your care is by spending quality time together.  With or without a gift, taking the time to enjoy activity with Dad is a great way to show him you care.  And of course, a thoughtful gift is another excellent way to tell dad how much he means to you.  Something that shows him you were thinking about him when you picked it out.

Gift-giving can be pretty challenging, we know.  We've got some great ideas if you're sick of giving gift cards year after year.  We've compiled a Father's Day gift guide with some of our favorite gifts for Dad (including a few CBD options as well!).


If your dad loves sports, we have some great ideas for you.  Gift him with tickets to one of his favorite sports events!  Bonus points if you can send him to see his all-time favorite team.  Regardless of the sport, he will love this gift idea, especially if you go to the game together!

Is Dad on a recreational baseball team?  Does he head to the golf course weekly?  Or is he always outside trying to do trick shots with his driveway basketball hoop?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Hit the Batting Cage - If he's a baseball fan, he'd probably love an opportunity to work on his swing at your local batting cage.
  • Gold Swing Analyzer - Whether he's an avid golfer or goes occasionally, this is a really cool tool that he'd love playing around with to improve everything from his drive to his putt.
  • Adidas Sports Duffel Bag - All men could use a new duffel bag, especially if he goes to the gym or plays sports regularly.
  • Hoka Road Running Shoes - Hoka has some of the best shoes out there.  If Dad is a runner or is on his feet a lot, these shoes are a total game changer!
  • A Proper Recovery with Envy's CBD Muscle Recovery Cream - A good pain relief and anti-inflammatory cream is a must-have for active dads.  The Envy CBD Muscle Recovery Cream is a must-have for active dads.  This topical ointment is infused with 250MG of Broad-Spectrum CBD, aloe vera, peppermint oil, and a wide variety of other organic ingredients for optimal post-workout relief.

Or, you can always check out his gear to see if anything could use replacing.  You can opt for a new jersey or hat with his favorite team's logo is always a great option!


Is you'd rather give him a gift, consider buying him some outdoor gear for his next adventure.  Here are a few ideas:

  • A New Tackle Box - If Dad's been fishing for years, he may have a super old and disorganized tackle box.  This box has lots of storage compartments for the various lures and tools.
  • Coleman Rolling Cooler - Everyone could use a new cooler!  Especially this sleek-looking one that can keep ice-cold for up to 5 days!
  • CBD Gel Capsules - These easy-to-use gel capsules are super convenient for throwing in a backpack and taking on-the-go.  Dad can enjoy the all-natural relaxation and potential pain relief wherever he is.
  • New Camping Gear - Does dad need a new tent or sturdier camping chairs?  Maybe some new hiking shoes?

Trust us when we say he'd appreciate anything that can make his next camping trip or hiking adventure that much more enjoyable!


If your Dad is one the one everyone calls when something needs to be fixed, we also have some great ideas for him.  Check these out:

  • A New Toolbox - This box can keep most of dad's tools organized nicely since it can be a pain to keep all the little screws, nuts, and bolts in one place.
  • New Power Tools - Some Dads can be very particular about what brand of tools they prefer, so check to see if he's loyal to Milwaukee, Ryobi, or another brand.  Then, replace his old, worn-out drill bits and other power tools with a new version he's sure to love!
  • Magnetic Wristband - This is a neat little gift; it keeps all his screws, drill bits, and other small metal items from getting misplaced while Dad work!

Offer to help Dad on his next big project - he'd love spending quality time together doing something he enjoys.  Plus, you'll probably learn a few things about repairs or construction that can help you in the future.


Let's be real: every Dad fits into this category!  Constantly working hard to pay the bills, helping others with their projects, and barely having time to themselves can lead to severe burnout.  Although we usually think of relaxation gifts for our Mom's, our Dad's need some help unwinding and relaxing as well.  After all, since Dad does so much for you, treating him to some gifts to help him relax is something he will definitely appreciate.

CBD can be an amazing resource to aid in relaxation.  Studies have shown that CBD may help promote better sleep, help you manage your stress levels, and alleviate minor discomforts both inside and outside the body as well!

If Dad's been stressed out at work lately, CBD may help him calm his racing thoughts and relax.  It may even help him fall asleep faster and experience a deeper, more restful sleep.  Plus, if he's experiencing muscle or joint pain, CBD may also help him manage that discomfort.

Thanks to the way that CBD works in the body, it can help soothe symptoms of many different ailments and issues.  Most people report that it promote and overall feeling of calm that can help ease anxious thoughts and help you to unwind.  Everyone deserves to feel more at ease at the end of a long day, especially our hardworking and caring Dads out there!


If you want to treat Dad to the gift of relaxation, CBD is a great option!  Now that we've discussed some benefits CBD can provide, let's jump into a few of our favorite CBD products to gift Dad.

At Envy CBD, our products use only the highest-quality ingredients.  Plus, we have a Certificate of Analysis for each of our items as well, so you have the full peace of mind knowing that Dad is getting the safest and most effective products possible.

Need some help deciding which CBD products are best?  We have a few popular suggestions Dad is sure to love:

  • CBD Tincture Oil - Whether Dad is a CBD connoisseur or is finally agreeing to trying it, a tincture is a fantastic option.  They are easy-to-use, and the dosage can be adjusted easily.  He can take the oil directly or add it to food or drinks.  Plus, there are three tasty flavors to choose from - Strawberry Watermelon, Double Apple, and Orange!
  • CBD Bath Bomb - Peace - A warm bath infused with a relaxing combination of Broad Spectrum CBD, lavender, and orange essential oils is the PERFECT way to unwind after a stressful day.  Treat Dad to a spa day with this stress-alleviating bath bomb.
  • CBD Gummies - These gummies are super popular thanks to its convenience and delicious flavor.  They offer slow-release effects, helping Dad feel their calming and therapeutic effects throughout the day.  Plus, they come in both Sour and Original flavors.

We hope these ideas inspire you to pick out the best gift possible for the remarkable man in your life this year, whether you're celebrating your Dad, Grandpa, Husband, or friend!  Regardless of what gift you choose, as along as you spend quality time with him and tell him how much he is appreciated, he's sure to have a fantastic Father's Day!

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