What are the Benefits of Using CBD Topicals?

February 28, 2022 5 min read

What are the Benefits of Using CBD Topicals?

Back in 2019, a Gallup poll showed us that one-in-seven adults, approximately 14% of Americans, used CBD products.  That number jumps up more each year.  Roughly one-in-four adults in the U.S. will use a CBD product this year.  And yet, there's still so much we have to learn about the magical compound that brings wellness to people on the daily.  What are the benefits of CBD topicals, for example?  Are there CBD oil benefits for skin like there are for other parts of the body?

In this guide, we want to do an in-depth dive into the beneficial properties of topicals.  What are the benefits of using the hemp-derived compound on the skin?  We'll look at the top benefits one might be able to reap.  Then, we'll give you the best-recommended routine to get the most optimal results.  Let's get started!


In short, yes, there are several benefits for the skin when it comes to CBD oil.  There are, however, Full Spectrum CBD oil products that are often marketed as something to be ingested.  In this context, we mean CBD oil as a topical solution.

Your next question might be: what exactly is a CBD topical?  Ingesting CBD isn't the only way to experience the relief cannabidiol can provide.  Rather that treating the entire body from within, topicals allow you to narrow in on the problem areas.  The right CBD topical can alleviate localized discomfort in ways you've never experienced before now!  And it makes perfect sense why CBD would provide us with benefits when its applied topically.  First of all, the skin is the largest organ we own.  Serving as the first line of defense for our body, our skin deals with the constant stress life throws at us.

And when you ingest a CBD product, the skin is the last area to reap the benefits.  The best solution is to use a topical formula all its own, geared with CBD.  Applying a Full Spectrum CBD Topical can be the quick and easy way you need to experience relief.


CBD Topicals can act as a daily applicant to deliver soothing, moisturizing, and comforting wellness to the skin.  No every cannabidiol-based product is equal, though.  Likewise, some are formulated to heighten certain benefits over others.


Like we said, CBD can be formulated specifically to heighten certain benefits.  Our CBD Muscle Recovery Cream is a perfect example for this.  "Recovery" is one the biggest CBD oil benefits you can deliver to your skin, after all.

As you can imagine, the muscle recovery cream is developed with recovery times for the muscles in the mind.  We did this by taking Full Spectrum CBD and combining it with several other key ingredients.  The combination is what helps deliver the ultimate recovery formula, no matter how active your lifestyle might be.

Our recovery cream focuses on four of the many CBD oil benefits for skin: pain and inflammation, performance anxiety, post-workout recovery, and relaxation.  Research shows that the transdermal application of cannabidiol helps to reduce pain-related behavior and inflammation.


One of the most fundamental reasons people look to CBD products is to provide relief.  And CBD Topicals stand as one of the most efficient ways to deliver that relief to localized areas of your skin.

Following suit with muscle recovery, CBD Relief Wraps can provide both muscle and joint relief from a myriad of different events and situations that may deliver discomfort.  Designed to be versatile in both shape and size, the 3-pack wrap comes packed with Full Spectrum CBD and other key organic ingredients.  The combination delivers comfort, on-demand.


Self-care can upgrade to the next level with products formulated with CBD.  Our CBD Face Cream and CBD Face Masks, for instance, are perfect examples.  Allow your skincare and beauty regimens to blend together for both optimal efficiency and efficacy for that extra convenience!

The CBD Face Mask is designed to soften the face's skin, protect against the natural progression of age, and preserve the natural beauty as a result.  Pair that with the CBD Face Cream, which combines Full Spectrum CBD oil with organic ingredients such as:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin E Acetate
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B5
  • Avocado Oil
  • Licorice Root

Adding CBD into your daily skincare routine helps you enjoy even more of the CBD oil benefits for your skin.  By incorporating it into your self-care regimen, you're setting yourself up for the best-case scenario!


CBD has a natural calming effect, even when used topically.  When you pair other aromatically-pleasing ingredients to the Full Spectrum cannabidiol, you can amp up the relaxation tenfold.  We recommend utilizing a CBD Body Lotion to reap specific benefits.  By doing so, you can also open up yourself to better skin health!

Our Full Spectrum CBD Body Lotions come in two scents.  Our lavender scent is geared towards relaxation.  As an effective, moisturizing agent, you can simultaneously restore the look of your skin and soothe tired muscles.  The duration in which our lotion lasts is hours longer than most ingestible formulas, too.  We see that as a win-win when it comes to using CBD topicals.


Finally, CBD seems to go hand-in-hand with better, sustained sleep.  Even in a topical form, users note they get to sleep easier and sleep more restfully on night they use a CBD product.  While much of this is anecdotal, research also help to back it up.

We've long since known that CBD has a powerful calming effect.  When combined with other ingredients, we can make a product that helps users rest easier and deeper each night.  One of the key CBD oil benefits for skin is the better rest you experience as an after-effect.  This goes doubly so if you apply your topical just before bed at night!


In short, no, CBD topicals don't just offer a placebo - they're the real deal!

With limited information available on the subject, some are willing to believe that CBD topicals are just another snake oil gimmick.  Likewise, with the CBD industry so under-regulated, commercially-available CBD topical products may not provide the sufficient dose needed for relief.

In addition, the use of the term "topical" means that a CBD product has to be effect enough to penetrate the skin to produce an effect, but not deep enough that it hits the bloodstream.  A topical cream absorbing well enough into the skin to hit the bloodstream is considered a "transdermal" skin application, rather than truly topical.

Once it's in your bloodstream, it has the chance to hit the other CB receptors throughout your body, including the ones in your brain.  Some may find a bigger benefit to that, though their topical CBD product would still be mislabeled.


To wrap up, it's easy to see just how beneficial CBD topicals can be.  When you use the right formula, you can be sure you're reaping all the CBD oil benefits for skin.  have you tried a CBD topical before?  Let us know about your experience!

Or, if you haven't tried out this type of product, this might be your sign it's time to give it a chance.  For many users, cannabidiol products offer them a world of difference and a massive upgrade in their quality of life.  It's our goal to spread the word on how great consistent use of CBD can be.  So, cheers to those that are ready to make the jump!

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