What Is A CBD Essential Oil Roll-On?

January 17, 2020 6 min read

What Is A CBD Essential Oil Roll-On?

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It's no secret that the air and scents we breathe has an effect on us. Essential oils have been incorporated into aromatherapy for nearly a millennia because of this very fact. Nowadays, we have essential oil rollers than can provide relief even faster than other aromatic methods.

As CBD steps more and more into the spotlight for wellness and self-care products, we look at essential oil roller infused with Full Spectrum CBD.

What are CBD Essential Oil Rollers - and more importantly, why would we even want to use them? Today, we look to answer these questions and more. If you've been considering CBD or specifically a CBD topical, this may be the answer you've been looking for!

what are cbd essential oil rollers?

Our CBD Essential Rollers are 10mL bottles equipped with a gliding roller ball for easy, convenient application. We use 4 ingredients (READ: FOUR INGREDIENTS - Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oil, Full Spectrum CBD, and Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Hemp Oil). We'll touch on each of those essential oils later, but the CBD can help improve or even amplify the effects of each. A powerful combination, we're eager to provide such a product to our growing community.

a brief history of aromatherapy

The use of aromatherapy is some ways is fated back literally thousands of years, according to multiple sources and various proponents of aromatherapy. It was believed that aromatic oils could be used as sedatives or stimulants of the nervous system, treatments for a range of disorders, and more. In fact, the use of infused oils can be linked historically in ancient Egypt and even the Bible.

However, the current applications of aromatherapy weren't well known until about the early 20th century. Since then, we've continue to explore aromatherapy more in-depth and our understanding has only improved. That's helped us narrow in on which types of essential oils help the most when it comes to a specific symptom or benefits.

how does aromatherapy work?

While it's not an exact science yet, researcher believe aromatherapy works by stimulating smell receptors in the nose. This sends messages through the nervous system to the part of the brain that controls emotions - the limbic system. When used as directed, aromatherapy with a host of different essential oils has been shown to be safe for everyone, and effective for many.

There are various clinical trials, evaluations, and published studies on the effects of different types of aromatherapy with essential oils. Overall, it's best known to improve physical, mental, and even spiritual well-being in some people (according to Cancer.gov). While everyone is different, we always recommend trying out aromatherapy if you haven't yet to see if it's the right method for you.

why would someone use an essential oil roller?

CBD Topicals are already utilized across the US for everyday wellness, symptoms that cause inflammation and pain, and more. An oil roller that has a higher bioavailability than a thicker product simply allows for a more efficient way to take CBD topically.

With an essential oil roller, you can enjoy one of a variety of different aromas depending on what your end-goal is. Regardless of the scent, though, you can enjoy 100mg of Full Spectrum CBD in each roller. This gets dispersed over time, and the CBD enhances what the aromatherapy is already providing.

Someone might use an essential oil roller for the ease of use. Instead of having to ingest CBD or wait for a scent to disperse throughout an entire room with a wax warmer, this is an excellent alternative. When you can just roll it on target, optimal areas across the body and move on with your day or night, it takes teh convenience of taking CBD everyday to a whole new level.

what is each ENVY cbd essential oil roller used for?

Below, we're going to touch on what each type of essential oil is best known for.

As a disclaimer, we're not pretending to make any medical claims and we're not here to provide medical advice. Please reach out to a physician or certified medical professional before incorporating any CBD product into your daily routine, especially if you're already taking prescription medication.

envy cbd - breathe essential oil roller


Breathe easy with Envy CBD's Essential Oil Roller! Formulated with eucalyptus essential oil and Full Spectrum CBD, expect a significant reduction in pain and inflammation as those airways open up, allowing you to take control of your day.

Infused with a eucalyptus essential oil, our Breathe formula is intended for calm, relaxation, and peace.

Eucalyptus aromatherapy is known for its potential pain and inflammation-relieving properties. Paired with Full Spectrum CBD, it may help amplify the benefits of the eucalyptus even further. A mild, but pleasant scent that's perfect for the morning or at night, it can be taken any time of day. Regardless of the time of day you might need it, it's ideal for when you just need a moment to "Breathe."

envy cbd - focus essential oil roller


In need of Focus? Envy CBD's Focus Essential Oil Roller delivers an increase in productivity, motivation, and energy to not only stay alert, but to dominate whatever you set out to do. Formulated with rose essential oil, feelings of anxiety are washed away with ease!

Geared towards inspiring productivity, motivation, and more energy, the name is pretty straightforward. We formulated this one to help you feel more "Focus" throughout your day.

The essential oil of choice is rose - a perfect essential oil to have on hand. Roses were one of the first plants used for aromatic properties, distilled through steam after being extracted straight from rose petals. It's one you want to keep handy for its powerful combination of effects.

While rose essential oil is well-known for its ability to nurture energy or provide focus, it has the potential to relax as well. Showing both analgesic and anxiolytic properties, the Focus Essential Oil blend has anti-anxiety effects that can work great for someone with anxiety-like symptoms that still want both the energy and motivation to tackle the day.

envy cbd - immunity essential oil roller


Looking to strengthen your immune system against the daily stresses life throws at you? The Immunity Essential Oil Roller by Envy CBD is your ticket to maintaining control over yourself. Formulated with orange essential oil, this roll-on application is designed to detoxify the body and improve general wellness with each dose!

One of the most well-known essential oils in the aromatherapy community is orange essential oil. It's plethora of potential benefits include the ability to improve overall health; and it's what makes it so popular.

The Envy CBD Immunity Essential Oil Roller is accurately named "Immunity" for this specific reason of incorporating the orange essential oil. It's knack at improving a tremendous host of symptoms include:

  • Digestion;
  • Sleep;
  • General Wellness;
  • Reducing Muscle Spasms;
  • Detoxifying the Body; and
  • Strengthening the Immune System

We look forward to more research on the subject of orange essential oil, especially when used in aromatherapy. Until then, we know what others have experienced. We're happy to offer an essential oil roller with orange and Full Spectrum CBD to improve its effects further - because you deserve daily balance done right!

envy cbd - relief essential oil roller


Soothe away discomfort with ease with the Envy CBD Relief Essential Oil Roller. Formulated with a generous dose of peppermint essential oil and Full Spectrum CBD, the sharp bite of minty freshness wakes up those senses to provide a long-lasting experience of relief!

Another one of the more-famous essential oils used for aromatherapy is peppermint. There are quite a range of studies and clinical trials on the near-instant effects peppermint oil can have.

Made for providing "Relief" in more than one way, the sharp bite of the minty aroma can be enough to wake your senses up and get you feeling better.

Infused with Full Spectrum CBD to make the ride even smoother, it's one of the rollers quickly becoming a go-to for our community.

envy cbd - sleep essential oil roller


Achieving a more-restful sleep just got easier with Envy CBD's Sleep Essential Oil Roller. Infused with lavender essential oil, this roll-on applicator provides a wash of calm, relaxation, and peace designed to help the body adjust to a full night's rest.

Finally, possibly the most well-known essential of all - lavender. We've infused it with Full Spectrum CBD into an essential roller designed to help with sleep, among other things.

Lavender essential oil is known to provide a wash of calm, relaxation, and peace to improve your mood. It has been used in countless bath and beauty products, such as our Serenity CBD Bath Bomb, perfect for your evening self-care routine before before bed. As the aromatherapy disperses throughout the next few hours, you may notice better, easier sleep as time goes on.

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