The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Your Wellness-Obsessed Friends and Family!

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Your Wellness-Obsessed Friends and Family!

CBD currently stands as one of the hottest products to hit the American market; and, if you have "wellness" fanatics on your holiday shopping list, chances are they'd love nothing more than some easy-to-use products ranging from Gummies to Tinctures to Topicals, all laced with THC's non-psychoactive counterpart, cannabidiol.

For those of us that might not be too familiar with CBD's steady climb into super-stardom, CBD-infused products have become a popular alternative to providing a degree of relief against discomforts ranging from anxiety to workout recovery, and from chronic pain to elevating one's daily wellness routine.  Let this holiday shopping guide give you a taste of what we would recommend for your friends and loved ones looking to incorporate a little CBD into their day-to-day lives.  Whether these products are an essential part of the gift or simply a stocking-stuffer, we are confident that whoever receives CBD would be more-than-delighted!  Let's jump right in!

for the fitness-junkies

For those of us with friends that lean towards a particular lifestyle, building a gift set specifically for the lifestyle is a great way to go about knocking out your holiday shopping list with a breeze.  Tailored for the fitness-junkie in mind, we've gone ahead and paired two of our fitness-centric CBD products and a couple non-CBD products to help elevate their wellness for the soon-to-be athlete!

CBD Muscle Recovery Cream

For those that might go too hard in the paint, our Muscle Recovery Cream works wonders for soothing those muscles and joints back to its optimal functionality.  Simply take a quarter-sized amount and massage onto the affected area to feel its results.

CBD Relief Wrap

Living life on-the-go?  Our CBD Relief Wrap is a quick-and-easy way to experience relief wherever you are!  Simply take a relief wrap and apply it onto the affected area to eliminate discomfort.

Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle

All health enthusiasts know: Hydration is the first step to a healthier lifestyle.  But with our busy lifestyles, we often forget to drink water, even when we have our water bottles within reach.  This smart water bottle tracks water intake and glows to remind your wellness-junkie buddies to drink up!

for those looking to relax the body

When it comes to self-care and self-love, taking care of yourself doesn't necessarily mean checking yourself into a spa.  You can easily gift someone the ability to do all that and more from the comfort of their own home.  Simply hop into the tub for a soak with one of our CBD Bath Bombs, brighten up the face with our CBD Face Mask, and cuddle up with a good book to experience the ultimate night in!

CBD Bath Bombs

Between Serenity, Peace, and Comfort, CBD Bath Bombs are an excellent way to experience whole-body relief through an activity that has become synonymous with relaxation.  Fill the tub with hot water, drop one of our brightly-colored CBD Bath Bombs in and soak those worries away all from the comfort of your own home!

CBD Face Mask

Preserving natural beauty has never been easier!  Our CBD Face Mask is an easy way to soften the face while simultaneously protecting it against the elements and natural progression of age.  Simply apply the mask, cuddle into bed, and feel the organic ingredients seep into the skin.  When you're done, you're done!  There's no need to do anything more other than relax!

Brookstone - World's Softest Weighted Blanket

Cuddle season is here!  Climb into bed with Brookstone's weighted blanket!  The power of a weighted blanket helps to regulate mood and sleep by increasing serotonin. The better you feel under one of these, chances are, the better you'll feel battling anxiety and insomnia.  Those that love cuddling need this!

for those looking to relax the mind

CBD Tinctures

Standing as the most popular delivery method, our CBD Tinctures provide overall wellness for virtually every possible scenario you may find yourself in.  Whether you're suffering from an ailment or just looking for a way to relax the mind after a long day, a CBD Tincture oil is the most effective way to do just that!

Each of our CBD Tinctures possess a unique flavor that effectively masks the taste of hemp, allowing for a tasty alternative to finding comfort!

CBD Gummies

What if there was a way to eat your CBD and feel its effects all day?  Oh wait!  We have that!  Our CBD Gummies provide both new and seasoned CBD users alike a quick and tasty way to find relief.

Our Gummies are available with 10mg per piece and available as either Original or Sour.

An Inspired Life: A Journal for Thinking, Dreaming, and Discovering

Another mind-centric activity is journaling.  Each page comes with an inspiring quote.  Celebrate the little things in life with this colorful and inspirational journal.  It's both a thoughtful and thought-provoking gift!

for your furry friends

Let's be real, if you have pets, you best believe that they'll be celebrating the holidays with the rest of the family.  After all, they are part of it!  Instead of hiding them away from your guests, giving them a healthy dose of CBD and they'll feel right at home!

CBD Pet Tincture

Dropping a generous dose of our bacon-flavored Pet Tincture directly into the mouth or with food is a quick-and-easy way for your pet to not only increase overall wellness, but to relax them despite quite the holiday cheer going on around them.

K&H Cat and Dog Electric Heated Beds

With the weather changing from unbearably hot to unbearably cold, what better way to treat your pet to relaxation than the sight of a new bed! This electric pet bed is thermostatically controlled to automatically respond to temperature changes to warm to your pet's normal body temperature upon contact with your pet.

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