The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Hustle - At Home

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Hustle - At Home

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In light of this most recent pandemic, employers and companies across the country are finally making the work-from-home switch for their employees. If you’re starting to transition to remote work or working from home, these tips can help you avoid common mistakes and be best prepared for the change.

Not only are you working from home now, after all – with a pandemic on the rise, you want to make sure you have the best tools available for childcare, good hygiene, social distancing, and more. Let’s look at all the ways we can stay even safer during these stressful times.


Some people may not have had the opportunity to choose whether they work from home or not. And for those people, the transition to working from home can be even more difficult. The first step to making it easier on yourself is to embrace this fresh start for what it is, and what it can be. Potentials are endless now that you work remotely!

Just think of the bonuses you have available now:

  • More time in the day to do what you want instead of having to drive to work - plus, less money spent on gas!
  • The opportunity to change your diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle to help improve your health is thought to be much easier when in a work-from-home environment.
  • A more flexible schedule than the strict shift you might've had with an office job.
  • The only downside to working from home is now you don't have an excuse for why you were late to work, but that turns into a plus when you think about the fact that you don't have to deal with traffic before and after work!

What’s important to remember is that you’re not in your old physical office anymore – you work from home now. Don’t act out going to work merely inside your own home; embrace this opportunity for what it really is. Go grocery shopping on your own time, take a walk in the middle of the day, use the money you’re saving on gas by not having to carpool on something that brings you genuine happiness.


Maintaining the careful balance between work from home and just being at home can be one of the most difficult aspects to achieve with remote employment. 

Depending on the type of job you have, your work could be staring you right in the face every time you turn on your computer or enter a certain room in your home. We’ve got a few easy tips to keep in mind so you can stay on task while also not overworking yourself.

Stay Organized

Organization will be the key to keeping you on track to make sure you don’t work too much or too little. To-do lists, schedules and daily or weekly outlines, and filing systems will be your new best friends as you make the transition to working remotely.

Plan Out Your Day

When you work from home, it’s easy to just let the day take you wherever it might but planning out a routine will help you stay on task. Maximize productivity by minimizing distractions and long periods of time away from your task or tasks until they’re completed. Instead of taking the extra time you have for granted, take advantage of it and allow it to help propel your day forward.

Have a Set, Dedicated Workspace

Designate a specific spot in your home to be your home office. If it’s a room dedicated as your office, even better. All your work-related references, files, materials, and any necessary supplies can all be conveniently located in one centralized spot. This space should emulate a true working environment, so try to stray away from having it set up too close to a TV, bed, or other temptations.

Build a Habit to Improve Your Routine

Doing something every day can make the whole routine of your day easier. Taking CBD first thing in the morning after breakfast, for example, can help set you up with a consistent routine for the rest of the day. Consistency is key when it comes to something like CBD, too, so adding it to your daily schedule will only improve your chances of it being effective on top of improving your productivity.

Hygiene is Still Important!

You can become more lax in a home environment and less inclined to follow typical hygiene rules found in the workplace. Just because you work from home, though, doesn’t mean your hygiene should pay the price. Wash your hands regularly, keep your workspace clean and tidy, and make sure you’re taking care of yourself physically. It can be easy to fall into a messy routine, so just stay conscious of the risks ahead of time and maintain good hygiene habits.


There’s managing working remotely, and then there’s absolutely excelling at it. We want you to be on the excelling end of the spectrum, so here’s how you can completely own working from home.

Keep Distractions at Bay

We’ve already touched on this briefly, but it needs to be reiterated: don’t work in the same place where there are easy distractions. If you need to complete certain tasks or have a set chunk of time that you’re supposed to be working, the distractions working from home can provide is what makes this transition tricky.

You’ll have to check yourself, because there’s not a manager walking around checking yourself for you. That means consciously avoid checking your email and social media platforms regularly or goofing off on your phone/computer some other way. Don’t let your work suffer just because you can’t get off Instagram – you can always post later!

Set Work Hours and Stick to Them

If a shift isn’t already scheduled for you, it’s best to set one up for yourself. Setting work hours and deadlines for when you need to finish specific things can be a lifesaver for a scattered brain. This can improve your productivity during those hours, too, because you know you won’t have to spend time working once you’ve finished!

Start an Exercise and Health Plan

Don’t make the dangerous mistake of sitting at your home office desk all day. You deserve better, and so does your body. Unless you take measures to stay healthy, working from home can become a detriment to your health. Start an exercise routine and stick with it. Eat in moderation. Don’t snack at your desk. No, not even just this one time – you’re stronger than that, and you can do this.

What you eat is about 80% of your overall health, though. Just an exercise routine isn’t enough! You don’t have to change or cut out everything you love to eat, but it doesn’t hurt to make a conscious lifestyle change to not eat too much and occasionally make healthier food choices.

Maintain Social Distance, but Don't Disconnect from the World

Social distancing is a term used to help slow down or stop the spread of highly contagious diseases. As more Americans make the transition to working from home, we know it’s because social distancing is becoming a must. Fortunately, we live in a virtual age where there are alternatives to meeting face to face. For work, try to integrate Skype, FaceTime or other video calling features to help increase employee morale while still maintaining social distance.


It’s an even more trying time for parents that are transitioning to work from home with children. For many, schools and daycares that would normally be aiding in childcare are closed to the general public for safety and, again, social distancing practices.

Parents should avoid play dates for their children for the next few weeks. Putting it off and replacing it with family time is the best way to minimize risk completely. As the virus can be transmitted within a 6-foot radius of someone infected, parks and playgrounds are not even presently recommended at this time.

Sticking to the guidelines the CDC is providing to us is vital right now. Not only for parents, but for every American citizen – only together can we put this virus to bed.

wrapping up

We know providing these tips can stimulate anxiety in some of those that are worried about what COVID-19 could bring, but it’s important that we mention them all regardless. Staying home and following these guidelines, taking CBD every day to enhance your overall wellness, and sticking to a routine will get us all back to normal in no time. 

Until then, maintain social distancing and stay safe. From our family to yours, we’re here, and we hear you.


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