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The world of CBD can be intimidating, and there’s such a vast amount of information that it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a CBD education blog for your use! You’ll find a wide variety of articles, ranging from CBD pet product tips to CBD soap information so that you use your CBD effectively and efficiently. Our entertaining articles will help you learn the ins and outs of CBD with ease.

All four CBD Vegan Gummies displayed on a wooden table.
Envy CBD News

Elevate Your Everything with Envy CBD's Vegan Gummies!

So without further ado, we are proud to finally release our all-new vegan, Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies.

Envy CBD NewsEverything You Need to Know About CBD Essential Oils

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Essential Oils

There are probably close to 100 different types of essential oils available today. Although the most popular usage is in aromatherapy, essential oils can be utilized for other functions such as coo...

Envy CBD NewsCBD Gel Capsules container is uncapped and laying label side-up on a white tabletop surface with several gel capsules displayed.

5 Reasons Why CBD Gel Capsules Are the Future

Now that CBD Gel Capsules are in the picture, here are 7 reasons why you should switch to them!

Envy CBD NewsCBD and Aloe Vera Gel by Envy CBD

CBD and Aloe Vera: A Match Made in Heaven

Aloe Vera has long since been bragged on as a medicinal plant with a plethora of remarkable healing properties. By adding CBD, which is growing massively in popularity, we give it new properties an...

Envy CBD NewsWhy Did We Change Our CBD Body Lotion?

Why Did We Change Our CBD Body Lotion?

Our new CBD Body Lotions are available now. If you were a fan of our original Body Lotion, then we're confident that you'd absolutely love our new ones.

Envy CBD NewsSay Goodbye to Skin Irritation with Our All-New CBD Soothing Balm!

Say Goodbye to Skin Irritation with Our All-New CBD Soothing Balm!

Unlike our other CBD Topicals such as our Body Lotion or Muscle Recovery Cream, our Soothing Balm is designed to spot-treat troublesome areas on the skin.

Envy CBD NewsHow Did CBD Become So Popular?

How Did CBD Become So Popular?

CBD is quite literally taking over! The question is, however, what is CBD? What does it do; and most importantly, why is everyone using it?