Summer Wellness Tips with CBD

July 11, 2022 5 min read

Summer Wellness Tips with CBD

Summer is all about life and leisure.  It's also a great time to pay extra attention to your wellness.  This season gives you a unique opportunity to tend to your mental and physical health while staying connected with your body by taking care of yourself; not to mention, having as much fun as you can!  All you need to make the most out of the longer days and warmer sunshine is a little CBD.  With that said, here are some summer wellness tips with CBD that you can use to have your best summer yet.


Summer is the perfect time to recharge both your mind and body, and sleep is the best way of doing that.  Getting enough rest is one of our most vital wellness tips because the longer days of this season can change your sleeping patterns.  A lack of sleep can affect your entire well-being.  So make a plan of going to bed at a particular time and follow through to get the rest you need to become refreshed and re-energized for the next day.  Aim for seven to eight hours and sleep easier by taking a few drops of a CBD Tincture before bed to benefit from this cannabinoid's relaxing effects.


Our second summer wellness tip is another emphasis on relaxing both your body and mind.  This time, through yoga and meditation.  Yoga and meditation are simple ways to experience relaxation that can be performed quite possibly anywhere.  If you're feeling wound up and unable to quiet the mind to help you truly relax, trying eating a few CBD Gummies beforehand; as studies show CBD may contain anxiolytic properties.

On top of that, you can also try one of the thousands of free yoga classes on YouTube to stretch your body followed by listening to guided meditations to help calm and quiet the mind from your often negative feedback looping thoughts.  You can also try other relaxing activities to help nurture your mental health, like reading a good book or sunbathing by the pool!


What you eat impacts your mood and well-being.  You can turn that into a positive impact by having a healthy diet.  If you follow this summer wellness tip, you ought to have the energy you need to do all the fun activities planned.

The various fruits and veggies out in the summer months make this season the perfect time for adding health ingredients to your meals.  So stock up on the more nutritious options and stay away from those pesky refined and processed foods.  You can boost your health by adding CBD Oil to your foods.  Try one of our favorite summer CBD oil recipes and see what you've been missing out on this whole time.


Proper hydration is one of the most critical summer wellness tips due to the harsh sun and unbearable heat Summer often brings.  You have to stay hydrated to function correctly in tis warm weather.  Try aiming for the standard eight glasses of water per day or measure your intake by drinking two-thirds of your body weight in ounces of water.  Don't forget to take a water bottle with your if you're going outside.  And if the idea of drinking plain water doesn't excite you, add a few drops of our Strawberry Watermelon, Double Apple, or Orange CBD Tincture Oils for a fun flavor.


Summer is the perfect season to replenish your vitamin D supply.  Despite the importance of vitamin D for various bodily functions such as immunity and mood, most people simply don't get enough of it.  The primary source of vitamin D, which is the Sun, is at its most active form in the summer months.  So getting outside and getting yourself a healthy dose of sunshine is important in maintaining your seasonal wellness goals.

As helpful as the Sun is, it's also relatively harmful and requires you to protect yourself against the Sun's more harmful side of the equation.  The solution?  Sunscreen, of course!

Using sunscreen is the summer wellness tip you'll see in any guide., and there is a good reason for that.  You need strong SPF coverage to protect your from the damaging UV rays the sun delivers.  If against all your attempts to protect yourself, and you do find yourself redder than a tomato thanks to a sunburn, applying a calming lotion with effective ingredients.  Our CBD Aloe Vera is a popular option for that.  Taking CBD and Aloe Vera together maximizes the soothing and cooling effect, effectively encouraging your body to respond to the sunburn faster, thus speeding up the healing process.


Use the free time summer gives you to build a sustainable exercise habit.  While you can do your workouts at home, we suggest going out for this summer wellness tip.  Take advantage of the sun and hit the pool for some fun in the water.  Go hiking or bicycling with your friends if you're up for spending time in nature.  If you've been planning to start a new exercise routine and tone up, this is the time to do it.  So push yourself and and get in shape to keep your body and mind healthy.  And when you feel the sweet burn in your sore muscles, reach for our CBD Muscle Cream for some much-needed relief and fast recovery.


Our last wellness tip what summer is all about - pursuing your passions and having fun!  Doing something you enjoy not only makes you happy, but it keeps your more energetic and positive.  So take in the fresh air and take some time to explore your interests and find a new hobby.  It can be anything from painting or writing to dancing or skating.  It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it makes you happy.  You can pick any of Envy CBD's products to help you alone the journey.


Our Summer wellness tips are just some of things you can do have the healthiest season yet.  By incorporating CBD into your wellness routine, you can boost every activity and experience a new type of self-care.  A healthy Summer starts with a positive mindset and a good action plan.  So write down a plan and set our what you want to achieve this season to have a fun and lively summer.  Visit our blog to learn more about all things CBD.  Good luck!

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