Managing Post-Festival Blues with CBD

May 17, 2019 5 min read

Managing Post-Festival Blues with CBD

Envy CBD exists to provide its users with an all-natural alternative to elevating and maintaining one's wellness through the introduction of Full Spectrum CBD.  With Summer quickly approaching, one such activity that may resonate with many are music festivals.  These multi-day festivals bring out the best in us as they connect thousands of people around a common love for music, the arts, and mutual connections.  One such downside however is the physical and psychological strain it puts us through; but nevertheless, we are confident in providing all with the necessary tools to not only protect oneself, but do so in an attractive way that will keep this love for attending festivals, sustainable.

avoiding the post-festival comedown

The Post-Festival Comedown: it's more than just a hangover and mild-sleep deprivation, it's an all-encompassing, existential crisis that befalls you when the music stops, everyone goes home, and you're finally left alone with your thoughts.  After a weekend spent exploring infinite possibilities in a literal wonderland, you somehow find yourself back at work on Monday, and the world hasn't changed, only you did.  So what can you do?  Here are a few pro-tips to help ease your re-entry to normal life after a music festival.


No matter what sort of adventures you have planned for your festival weekend, you best buddy is your water bottle.  Festivals consist of hot days, long nights, and endless music and activities that ought to keep you occupied, and rightfully, dehydrated all weekend.  You'll be walking between stages, dancing in sweaty crowds, and consuming a mix of alcohol and possibly other substances to elevate your experience during the event.  All of these contribute directly to dehydrating your body.

It can be hard to pull yourself away from the fun to seek out water, but dehydration has serious consequences during and after the event.  Consider taking in a sealed bottle of our CBD Tinctures along with your hydration pack or water bottle.  Chances are, event security will allow you to bring in external items such as hemp-derived CBD, so as long as the bottle is sealed.  The efficacy behind bringing CBD to be applied under the tongue is to act as both a protective barrier against ambient germs, while also keeping your digestive tract devoid of anything weird and harmful.  The result is mindful consumption of water, thus keeping you hydrated all-weekend long.


Who sleeps at a music festival?  Smart people who value their health sleep at music festivals.  We're not saying you should go to bed at midnight and skip out on all those amazing late-night magic moments, but we are saying to incorporate healthy sleep habits nonetheless.  We'll be publishing an article on managing sleep deprivation in due time; but we cannot stress how important maintaining healthy sleep habits are.  Particularly centered around a music festival, your sleep patterns are guaranteed to change adversely unless proper wellness routines are put in place.

Sleep deprivation can be fun for a day or two, but the repercussions can span weeks and have a direct impact on your health.  Lack of sleep can compromise your immune system, and a music festival, with the sheer number of people around you, the environmental germs in the air, dust, and smoke are a breeding ground that are about to put your immune system to the test.

Consider taking a bottle of our Double Apple Tincture Liquid (or any of our Tinctures) with you to your hotel and/or camping grounds.  After the festival, and sleep is required to maintain wellness, this quick-release Full Spectrum CBD-infused Tincture is felt within minutes of consuming it.  When paired with a natural supplement such as melotonin, you'll be knocking out with ease, waking up replenished and restored to take on the next day of fun!


Envy CBD does not condone the use of drugs; and while that is a personal choice taken on by a vast majority of music festival attendees, we believe in the responsible use of them.  The most popular festival drugs work by releasing huge amounts of serotonin into your system.  Serotonin is widely known as the "Happy Chemical" in our brain.  Similar to the Endocannabinoid System, the serotonergic system impacts a wide range of functions, including modulating cognition, learning, memory, and many of our biological processes.  Our body constantly builds and stores serotonin in both our brains and stomachs; and a large-scale release of these neurotransmitters put enormous strain on the body, leaving you feeling depleted while ushering in a sense of mass depression, irritability, and sleeplessness.  You can avoid serotonin depletion by pre-loading and post-loading up on natural supplements, including that of Full Spectrum CBD, to encourage serotonin synthesis in the body.

loading up on supplements before and after the festival

According to both festival guides and seasoned music festival attendees, one of the most important aspects of continued attendance at music festivals is the consistent use of natural supplements to aid them in maintaining overall wellness.  A popular website called is an informational site geared towards educating music enthusiasts with responsible practices to not only keeping oneself alive, but in a mindset that attending music festivals can be done in a healthy and responsible way.

sample pre-load WELLNESS regimen

The rationale behind pre-loading supplements before the festival is to build a protective barrier against neurotoxicity.  If you are consuming illicit substances, pre-loading natural supplements have been shown to reduce or prevent MDMA-induced neurotoxicity, thus also reducing the risk of the all-too-familiar comedown experienced by seasoned attendees.  You can find all of these supplements on Amazon and your local health & wellness shops.

  • 4-Hours Prior to Festival
    • 2G Ginger
  • 3-Hours Prior to Festival
    • 500MG ALCAR (Acetyl-L-carnitine)
    • Vitamin C
  • 2-Hours Prior to Festival
  • 1-Hour Prior to Festival
    • 2G Ginger
    • 100MG Magnesium
    • 300MG ALA (Alpha-Lipoic Acid)
    • 500MG Vitamin C 


Night one is over and you're heading back to the hotel to sleep.  One problem however, is that your body is depleted, dehydrated, and overall used and abused.  Check out this sample post-load wellness regimen aimed at revitalizing and replenishing you for nights two, three, and beyond!

The rationale behind taking Full Spectrum CBD Soft Chews or Tinctures after the festival is due to the fact that there are no adverse side effects to be experienced post-festival.  For the purposes of elevating your wellness and restoring your body back to a state of normalcy, we would recommend a generous dose of either the Tinctures or the soft chews to provide fast-acting relief and relaxation.

it's all you

Remember, festival time is vacation time, and it should be enjoyed.  That means taking time for yourself and keeping healthy while you're at it.  If you plan to make it to every single set all weekend, you will run yourself ragged.  Take your time, this weekend is all about you.  Take your supplements, load up on CBD, take care of yourself and others, and most importantly, have a great time at the festival!

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