Introducing the Envy CBD Bath Bombs!

October 25, 2019 2 min read

Introducing the Envy CBD Bath Bombs!

Last week we teased them - and in case you didn't catch it, here's the teaser.

The cat's out of the bag!  Envy CBD has partnered up with Bubbly Belle to unveil our latest creation - Full Spectrum CBD-infused Bath Bombs!  These wonderfully aromatic bath bombs are intelligently designed to provide some of the most relaxing at-home benefits of Full Spectrum and high-quality cannabidiol.  Each of our CBD Bath Bombs are loaded with 50mg of CBD with no THC and non-skin-staining ingredients.  Every essential CBD oil is packed with natural aromatic fragrances and epsom salt specifically chosen to provide you the luxurious bath experience to relax, pamper, and soak your worries away.


Made with premium CBD and essential oils, Envy CBD's Serenity CBD Bath Bomb is the best blend of relaxation and soothing capabilities.  With its eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender essential oils, you can soak away stress and aches from everyday activities, preparing you for a better night of sleep.


Envy CBD's Comfort Bath Bomb provides an aromatic blend of orange and lemon.  With its antibacterial, antiviral, and immuno-stimulant properties, this combination of essential oils is a natural analgesic and detoxifier.


Our Peace CBD Bath Bomb was created to help stabilize mood and relax the body.  The ultimate combination of orange and lavender come together to assist in mind-unwinding and relief of anxiety and stress.

how to enjoy envy cbd's bath bomb

Bath Bombs are a ritualistic practice people generally involve themselves in as a means to discover relaxation; and its benefits span from physical to mental relief across a variety of different ailments you may face throughout the day.  Since bath bombs are a topical product, you are not ingesting the benefits, but rather, your skin absorbs it across the body.  To fully enjoy and reap the benefits of our CBD Bath Bombs, check out this simple guide:

  • Fill your tub with hot water
  • Drop in your CBD Bath Bomb of choice and enjoy!
  • For best results, allow yourself at least 30 minutes to soak; so be sure you have what's needed to entertain yourself such as a book or a glass of wine.

Hope this shed some light on our new CBD Bath Bombs!  For the rest of this week, we're holding a sale offering up 20% off on these beauties.  Use offer promo code: FIZZ20.

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