How to Use CBD Oil: An In-Depth Step-By-Step Guide

How to Use CBD Oil: An In-Depth Step-By-Step Guide

How to Use CBD Oil: A Step-By-Step Guide

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is extracted from the hemp plant into a massive variety of different products. As the popularity and interest for CBD continues to skyrocket, we look at one of the most effective ways to consume your daily serving of cannabidiol. That way is by using a CBD oil through a range of ways that we’ll be touching on today. 

Let’s dive into our step-by-step guide on how to use CBD oil and any important tips or advice you should know before you incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

Before We Get Started

One thing to note: there is no individual “best” way to use CBD oil. Everyone processes CBD differently, so the best method that works for one of our team members may be too intense or weak to be as effective as it could be for you. The goal today will be to look at these variables and break down what would be your optimal CBD oil serving size.Another thing to keep in mind: you can never take too much CBD. 

Clinical trials had subjects use up to 1,200mg CBD every day for months – with zero negative serious side effects. This suggests that CBD can be used without a concern of consuming too much. However, we always urge you to speak with a certified health professional or physician before adding CBD oil into your daily routine, especially if you are currently taking other medication.

Different Ways to Take CBD Oil

The CBD oil tincture from Envy CBD is designed for oral application, though there are some CBD oils that can also be vaped. 

We’re looking at the ways it can be consumed orally today, as there are even a few methods just for that route and it’s one of the best ways to absorb the most CBD at one time.

This is because the amount of CBD listed on a tincture bottle is not the same amount your body is capable of absorbing. The absorption rate of the individual CBD product, your metabolism, and other variables play a huge role in how much avoids first-pass metabolism and gets sent throughout the body instead.

Sublingual Dosing

The most popular way to consume a CBD oil tincture, “sublingual” means that the oil is applied under the tongue. There are capillary-rich areas underneath the tongue, which is a prime target area to get more CBD absorbed into your body with each serving. This method hits the bloodstream faster than swallowing, though it still depends on how long you keep the oil under the tongue.

Step-By-Step for Sublingual Use

1. Shake the CBD oil tincture bottle well before using it.

2. If you’re unfamiliar with your optimal serving size, start with no more than 5 drops of oil directly under your tongue and work your way up until you discover what’s right. 

A serving size for many CBD tinctures is a half-dropper, or 0.5ml.

3. For the most optimal results, keep the serving of CBD oil under your tongue for 90 seconds or longer. 

You can even swish the oil around your mouth to increase the surface contact between your capillaries and the CBD oil. This is the second fastest way to get the CBD to start circulating throughout the body, next to inhalation through smoking or vaping. The average duration of effect for CBD oil tinctures is 6 to 8 hours, just like you might feel with edibles.The difference is you can expect to feel the effects of a tincture within the first hour, typically within the first 15 minutes of a sublingual serving.

Tips for Sublingual CBD Oil Use

To enhance the absorption rate as much as possible, eat something immediately before using the CBD oil tincture.  Researchers discovered that chewing increases blood flow to the mouth. If a person had recently eaten, the amount of CBD absorbed into their bloodstream for the same serving size was increased by 5-fold. 

Swallowing Directly

Not everyone likes the taste/texture of a CBD oil tincture. If you’re uncomfortable with keeping it under your tongue, you can alternatively just swallow the CBD oil directly. Though it will take longer to hit your bloodstream, you can still expect the effects to last 6 to 8 hours.

Adding to Beverages

You don’t have to drink it straight, though – you can add it to a beverage or meal to make the oil-based tincture go down much easier. Smoothies, coffee, or any beverage of your choosing is an easy way to mix an oil-based tincture into your diet. People have long been putting coconut and hemp oil in their smoothies, especially when emulsifying it with fruits or nut butters. Likewise, a serving of CBD in your coffee each morning can add another kick of focus and energy to the start of your day.

Step-By-Step for Adding to Beverages

1.Combine all ingredients, excluding the CBD oil tincture, into a blender or cup if you’re using an immersion blender.

2. Blend until mixed, then add the oil before blending until the texture is uniform.

How to Add CBD Oil to Food

Every meal is different, so there’s not an exact step-by-step to add CBD oil to your meal or a delicious snack. Instead, simply cook your meal as usual, adding CBD oil only when you’ve taken the food away from the heat. For example, if you’re preparing a dish or snack in a saucepan, remove it from the burner before adding the CBD oil. Putting CBD oil over direct heat could cause it to lose some of its beneficial cannabinoids, lessening its overall potency and quality. We recommend, if possible, adding CBD oil in at the end for any dish you’re prepping. There are capillary-rich areas underneath the tongue, which is a prime target area to get more CBD absorbed into your body with each serving. This method hits the bloodstream faster than swallowing, though it still depends on how long you keep the oil under the tongue.

Other Tips for How to Use CBD Oil

Now that you know how to use CBD oil and a few ways to enhance the absorption rate for a more effective CBD product, we also have some advice on how to stretch the oil farther. Using these tips followed by one of the directions of steps above for how to use CBD oil the right way, you’ll be able to take your cannabidiol experience to the next level.

Take in Combination with Other CBD Products

You aren’t limited to just CBD oil tinctures. On the contrary, you can hit target areas on the body with CBD topicals, enjoy an alternative CBD experience with gummies or other edibles, and combine these products throughout the day to get the most effective use possible. A combination of delivery methods are what many people are utilizing now to get the most out of their CBD products overall. For example, those that take CBD specifically for anxiety find a vape pen as well as an oral supplement like a tincture one to three times a day helps them more than either product by themselves would.

Experiment with Serving Sizes

Remember, clinical trials have observed no serious side effects to taking any amount of CBD, even upwards of 1,200mg daily for months. The highest strength bottle of Envy CBD oil is 1,000mg, so you can feel confident that there’s not a serving size that will be “too much” for you to handle (though we still recommend speaking with your physician before using CBD oil). The 250mg bottle provides a serving size (half a dropper) of approximately 4.16mg pure CBD, perfect for those new to CBD or those sensitive to cannabinoids. 

You can start out with a single serving size and work your way up throughout the day and as time goes on.Your tolerance will build as you take CBD daily, which is why you would want to start at the lowest strength and lowest dose before you work your way up.

Consistency is Key

We’ve been stressing daily use for CBD oil, and it’s because of the stacking benefits you can experience by incorporating it into your regular routine. You may feel the initial effects of CBD the first time you use it, but those effects will be amplified after a month’s time of consistent use. Be prepared for the CBD oil to take time before you really feel any benefit from it. It promotes general wellness by encouraging other bodily functions and receptors to behave more efficiently, but this can’t happen overnight (or throughout the day, if you went for a morning CBD serving). Don’t give up after your first time – try a full CBD oil tincture bottle, which is about a month’s supply, before you decide if it’s right for you or not.

How Will You Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an excellent way to get a daily serving of cannabidiol into your system. If you take a sublingual serving, it can hit your bloodstream faster and last about the same amount of time as it would if you swallowed it directly. Alternatively, you can add it to your favorite meal or beverage for a twist that will take effect in an hour or two and last just as long as the sublingual method.We hope this guide covered everything you needed to know about how to use CBD oil, how to find the perfect serving size for you, and all the tips necessary to really make it count. You can also learn more about CBD studies on treating chronic pain and or anxiety disorders. Get the most out of your CBD oil tincture bottle today by enhancing the absorption rate and picking a CBD brand that is honest about their products.

Have you given CBD a try?

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