How to Take Charge of Your Wellness

June 29, 2020 6 min read

How to Take Charge of Your Wellness


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2020 is flying by in a blur and we have found ourselves more than half way through the year already. As we approach the 4th of July, we want to take this opportunity to pause and take a step back in honor of the holiday. Independence Day is special for a number of reasons and awarded us several things including a nation to call home, the privilege of pursuing our own paths, and the freedom to choose how we take care of ourselves.

As with the other holidays, this year is a little bit different. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of whatever circumstances we are dealt and take charge of our wellness. We all know that physical fitness is a large part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And while diet and exercise regimes are a bit more obvious, it can be more abstract and difficult to know how to approach other aspects of our well being. In this article, we break down tips and methods for supercharging your mental and emotional wellness as we head into the midst of Summer.


Mental well-being can be interpreted a number of different ways. We like to look at it as all of the contributing variables that keep you alert and sharp. Energy levels, focus, and productivity. What does that look like? Picture having a good day. One where you feel well rested, there is not a lot weighing on your mind, you have a sense of peace, and you are energetic. Whether you are heading into work or going about your day around the house or having a productive weekend tackling a personal project, there is this feeling of clarity. Flow-state.

How long has it been since you’ve felt that way? And if it has been awhile, what are the things that are preventing you from reaching that level of mental clarity? We often talk about taking care of our emotions and our bodies, but we don’t talk enough about taking care of our minds. This is something that many people overlook. Our state of mind has a large impact on how other aspects of our lives play out.


For many adults, the stresses and speed of day-to-day life can really tax our minds. We are using our brains actively and juggling a million different things. There are all of the tasks that need to get done for our jobs. There are all of the miscellaneous household chores and errands that need to be accomplished. There are all of the relationships with family and friends to keep up with. There are all of the personal goals that we have been neglecting and avoiding. All of those things can create a mental tax. After awhile, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

What many individuals do not realize is that mental energy can compound, whether it is positive or negative. There are external factors like work stress and lack of sleep that can cut into our mental clarity once in a while. But if we grow accustomed to operating at 50 percent, we slowly forget what it feels like to be in a state of flow. And soon enough, you find yourself in a negative cycle of being in a funk, getting out of it slightly, only to return. On the other hand, when you make positive changes, that energy multiplies and creates momentum. As a result, you feel more focused, more relaxed, more productive, and in a better state of mind.


CBD has a whole host of benefits and healing properties that make it an interesting option to incorporate into your lifestyle. As a reminder, it works with our body’s ECS or Endocannabinoid System, which is what keeps our body balanced. The ECS includes a part that impacts the brain’s level of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that impacts things like mental awareness, memory, and focus.

In other words, CBD can have a positive, direct impact on parts of your mind. Another way to look at this scenario is to think about all of the symptoms and external factors that can contribute to a lack of mental well being. Think of anxiety and stress levels. Perhaps insomnia and sleep deprivation. By addressing these symptoms and removing the problem areas that create a negative state of mind, mental wellness in general will improve. 

Envy CBD has several products that are low hassle and easy to work into your daily routine, even for first time users. We recommend our CBD Tincture Oils which can be added into a beverage or simply taken sublingually.


Emotional wellness is a subjective area. When we are emotionally grounded, our quality of life is stable and generally positive. When it is in flux, whether it is the result of an isolated event or a deeper rooted issue, it can seep into other areas of our lives and hinder us from truly living our best.

Being in a bad mood can create other bad habits such in arenas like our diet, hygiene and cleanliness, personality and attitude. It changes who we are and can cause a strain in the relationships and responsibilities that we have. Although we can’t always control the incidents or events that happen, being able to take charge of our emotional state is a powerful skill and tool.

how can we neutralize negative emotion? is cbd a solution?

Independence Day. When we think about this holiday, we often take it for granted. Our civil liberties, pursuit of happiness, and individual freedoms are things that are second nature that they do not stand out as anything monumental. For many of us, this “overlooking” happens with our own lives as well. We take the little things for granted and we don’t often see the silver lining, especially if we are stuck in a funk or negative emotional state. Emotions can compound, whether that means we are over excited about something to the point of not being able to sleep (extreme positivity), or very depressed about some news beyond our control (extreme negativity), but there are ways to neutralize them.


Meditation is one of our favorites because it encourages the practice of calming our minds and breathing. When we are in a bad mood, the issue or problem that we are dealing with can seem very big. And this can amplify the emotions that we are feeling. If we really take a step back, more often than not, we may realize it is not too big a deal. For times of adversity and struggle, meditation can also help remind us that we are stronger than we believe. And that time will make things better, even if it does not feel that way in the moment.


Gratitude is another great exercise that can help put things into perspective. At the height of strong emotions, it is easy to get caught up in the moment. While this is not an issue for moments of joy and excitement, it can be when we are faced with situations that bring us down and make us sad. Practicing gratitude can shift the feelings of doom and gloom and highlight the positive areas in our life. This includes the small things and the big things. It can be voicing it aloud, writing it down, or even thinking about it before bed.

Full Spectrum CBD

As a rule of thumb, we never suggest that CBD is a one size fits all solution. At Envy CBD, we view all our full spectrum CBD products as ways to enhance, improve, or elevate our lifestyles. Nothing will take the place of having good habits in place. However, sometimes we all need a bit of encouragement and that is where we believe CBD can really assist. If you are having a lot of difficulty leveling your emotional state, and meditation or gratitude exercises simply aren’t enough, this is where CBD might be able to.

CBD is known to have calming properties and can act as an antidepressant. It can get you to a place where your attitude is better, so you can process and think more clearly about your emotions. For those bad days, it can help elevate your mood and alleviate stress levels, anxiety, and negative energy.

An easy way to add Full Spectrum CBD to your lifestyle is our CBD Gummies collection, tasty edibles that can be taken at the beginning of the day.


We get it. Sometimes life can be tricky and “living our best life” is easier said than done. It starts from within, and there’s no better time than the present to take charge of your well being. A positive mindset and a healthy emotional state will do wonders for personal projects and goals. It will help create good habits that trickle into other aspects of your life such as diet, fitness, and work. And while CBD isn’t for everyone, if it helps… what is the harm in stocking up on some of your favorite products?

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