How to Stay Fit in the Middle of a Global Pandemic

November 03, 2020 6 min read

How to Stay Fit in the Middle of a Global Pandemic

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Staying fit has always been easier said than done!  And that's before gyms closed due to public health concerns and the majority of offices transitioned into fully remote workforces.  Without the humdrum of a "normal" routine, we are spending more time cooped up inside than ever before.  That's not to mention the added responsibilities, if you are living with kids or family members, of social distancing, homeschooling, and other household obligations.

Suffice it to say, there has been more justifiable excuses than ever before to avoid working out or exercising.  Gyms are closed and unlikely to re-open any time soon.  The ones that are open are not great to attend for social distancing reasons!  And if you do choose to go, wearing a mask throughout the workout is confining and restricting, you might as well do you own workout at home!

Alas, there's no equipment at home.  Or perhaps, there isn't enough space if you live with other people.  Even if the logistics weren't contributing factors to avoiding exercise, there are the social elements as well.  Since the pandemic has pushed many typical entertainment sources to shut down e.g. bars, clubs, lounges, pools, etc., the number of in-person interactions has decreased.  Where's the motivation to stay in shape or get in shape if you are going to be home most of the time without seeing anyone?


There are plenty of excuses you can feed yourself on why it isn't necessary to stay fit.  As we go into the winter months, with holidays and festivities coming up, it is going to be even more difficult to find the energy and drive to get in shape if you haven't already developed a good routine.

With that said, we have also spent the bulk of this year quarantined or social distancing at home.  Gyms and workout facilities shut down pretty early on, in March and April, prior to the Summer months.  Think about it - the majority of individuals place a heavier emphasis on health and fitness in efforts to maintain or get their dream "Summer bod" for the vacation months.  This year, that was not the case.  In other words, there has been more time spent not staying fit than what is typical.

Beyond personal wellness and health, exercising and setting fitness benchmarks can have a wide variety of benefits for your lifestyle.  It can give you more energy throughout the day, particularly if you work a desk job or lead a mostly sedentary life.  It can also improve the quality of your sleep overall, which in turn will also give you more energy and impact your mood in a positive way.  In terms of mental state and happiness, exercising and getting your heart rate up also releases endorphins and can break up the monotony of your day.


There are plenty of excuses you can feed yourself on why it isn't necessary to stay fit.  As we go into the winter months, with holidays and festivities coming up, it is going to be even more difficult to find the energy and drive to get in shape if you haven't already developed a good routine.

The most difficult part of any journey is getting started!  Negative and positive momentum both build up and can compound.  If you have been talking or thinking about getting in shape or staying fit while in quarantine, half the battle is in your mind.  The longer it is that awe put something off or dread doing something, the more we look to avoid it and continue to put off the task.  This creates a negative feedback loop where nothing productive gets done.  Before we know it, months have gone by and we would have gained more weight or find ourselves even more out of shape!

Here are some tips on how you can slowly build good fitness habits and work exercise into your normal routine and lifestyle:


Set a very simple goal to begin.  For example, if you are dreading a full body workout that will have you winded or aching, try aiming for a brisk walk or jumping jacks during a coffee break.  The point of this is to give yourself a goal that you know, with one hundred percent certainty, that you can accomplish and is easy enough that you will not put it off.  Fifteen jumping jacks for example, is a commitment of less than a minute and can be done anywhere in your apartment.

When you complete the simple task, you are actually building the start of a positive feedback loop. You can then try to do 25 or 30 jumping jacks the next day and so forth.  The goal here isn't to push yourself physically - at least not yet.  The primary objective is to develop your willpower and mental strength.  By building discipline, if will decrease the anxiety about doing more intense workouts over time.


When it comes to developing routines and building habits, consistency over time is more important than intensity.  If you are feeling gung-ho about getting fit and want to do all out, that's perfectly fine!  But be honest and real with yourself - will you be able to keep it up?  Or will having an ambitious, intensive session discourage you from being active in the days or weeks that follow?  There is nothing wrong with pushing yourself and challenging your limits, but it is good to know your boundaries.

There is a recovery time for your muscles and everyone's tolerance level will be different.  There are plenty of people who can push through and discipline themselves to workout every day.  If that isn't you, try to go for frequency before amping up the difficulty level of your workouts.  To enhance your overall ritual, consider using our CBD Muscle Recovery Cream.

Our CBD Muscle Recovery Cream takes Full Spectrum CBD and several key organic ingredients to delivery the ultimate recovery formula for those with active lifestyles.


Finding the right ambience, the right environment, or the right atmosphere for a workout can be difficult.  The reason gyms are successful is because the environment is designed to push you to exercise and focus without like distractions like your couch or fridge.  If staying on track with home workouts is difficult, consider leaving your house or apartment and moving the workout into the yard, a park, or even a hiking trail!

Similar to what we discussed about having the right mindset, you are committing to doing some form of fitness activity by making it a point to leave your comfort zone (home).  There is something about going all the way to a park or beach with some weights or yoga mat... you've committed.  You're there.  Are you really going to back out of working out?  Taking it a step further with hiking trails, you've really committed.  The only way to get home is to get done with the trail you are on.  This great for building good habits!  Just make sure to put on a generous amount of CBD Aloe Vera after exposing yourself to the Sun.


The common misconception about body weight workouts is that isn't intense enough to give you a good workout.  This is false!  Even without the conventional machines and weights at the gym, there are plenty of ways to get a solid workout by leveraging what's on hand, starting with your own body weight!  Are exercises like a plant too easy for you?  Try doing it with one hand or alternating hands.  Still too easy?  Try doing it with one hand raised and holding a water bottle.  There are so many ways to alter basic exercises to increase the difficulty level and challenge your body.

The key with body weight exercises is to focus on good form.  If your form is correct, you will get the most of each exercise and really feel the correct muscle groups firing off.  As with any other exercise, the key here is to make sure you are giving your various muscle groups recovery days as well.  If you feel you have pushed too hard or over did an exercise, look into our CBD Relief Wraps to alleviate discomfort and soothe pain or inflammation.


Working out and staying fit is not purely physical.  It's both emotional and mental as well.  To build good habits, it starts with the right mindset.  This will help build the discipline and will to follow through with the physical workout itself.  Once you've established a good routine, your overall emotional and mental state will improve to make working out easier and more enjoyable over time.

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