How to Plan the Perfect Staycation and Avoid Cabin Fever with CBD

How to Plan the Perfect Staycation and Avoid Cabin Fever with CBD

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When the coronavirus pandemic first swept the country earlier this year, the social distancing and stay-at-home orders seemed like they would only last a few weeks, a couple months top. In fact, some people found themselves celebrating the policy requiring them to avoid people and work remote. It’s an introvert’s dream and a student’s version of extra spring break right? And who didn’t want to work from home?

The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic were light and filled with zoom parties, day drinking, whipped coffee, bread making, and more. It was a vacation of sorts, despite the underlying anxiety and stress that the situation brought about. It felt that the situation would be temporary. And that was an acceptable and welcome change of pace for a lot of people. Photos surfaced of empty streets, clear skies, and beautifully barren parks. No traffic. No need to get dressed. No unwanted social obligations…

That tune has changed quite a bit as we reach mid August. Yes, somehow summer 2020 is nearing its end and we will be turning the corner into fall and autumn soon. With failed reopening plans and the curve not flattening, it seems the quarantine lifestyle will extend far into the rest of the year and staying home will be the norm. From lighthearted quarantine jokes, you may now be finding yourself getting antsy and feeling irritated from being indoors for so long.

You are not alone. Cabin fever is sweeping across the country as individuals find themselves cranky and/or tired of being in the same place with the same people day in and day out. To remedy these feelings, we’ve put together our top tips for planning the perfect staycation with CBD to avoid cabin fever.


Whether you live alone, or with a household, an easy getaway to break the monotony of the current quarantine lifestyle is a Saturday getaway. Start with sleeping in and plan to do none of your normal obligations for the day. If the thought of leaving things alone for a day gives you anxiety, just remember that you have all of Sunday to catch up.


Whenever you wake up, whether you are an early bird or decide to sleep until noon, make an ordeal out of brunch. Having a lavish brunch will be the perfect way to start the day. We associate brunch with carefree weekends when we have time or are on vacation. That is the mindset that will start the day off on the right foot.

Make mimosas to give that extra bit of relaxing for your day. Or if day drinking is not a preference, incorporate full-spectrum CBD into your first meal. You can try a tincture oil or take an edible to enjoy all the benefits throughout the day.


If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, continue the afternoon with a picnic at a nearby park or even in your backyard (if you have one). If you really want to minimize effort, throw open the curtains, and turn your living room into a picnic area for the day. Put on some soft music, perhaps some sounds of nature, and lay out the blankets and throw pillows.

For picnics, we love a good snack board, cheese and charcuterie would pair perfectly with a nice, cold beverage. A book or a podcast, a lazy mid afternoon nap, what could be more serene?


Run a bath, grab some essential oils, and spend the afternoon detoxing. Play some soft music and pour yourself a glass of wine perhaps. Take some time to really pamper your skin and your body. When was the last time you had a moment to fully relax? If you’ve been feeling strained, achy, or particularly sore, epsom salt would be a great addition to help your muscles.

After your ritual, top it off with a face mask to maximize the relaxation. If you’d like to leverage CBD to further enhance the experience, our collection of topical ranges from face masks to creams and lotions, all designed with relaxation and recovery in mind. 


After a day full of leisure, what better way to wrap up the staycation than a movie and dinner. Treat yourself to some takeout, or whip up some TV front dish to enjoy in the living. The trick here is to pick your entertainment in the first 5 or so minutes. Don’t stress over what to watch and undo all of the relaxing that you’ve done all day long. 

If this is a struggle, we recommend sticking to old classics that you love or a nice comedy you haven’t seen in a couple years. Once you make the decision on what to watch, the evening can carry on seamlessly without a hitch.

2. the all-out approach

Despite being in quarantine, you somehow find yourself busier than ever. Whether work has picked up despite going remote or perhaps family responsibilities have increased with everyone at home, there isn’t a whole lot of spare time or energy on your hands. You are tired of living the same day on repeat, but even the thought of planning an activity feels ambitious. More than ever, you really need a weekend to shut off and get away from all the noise and stress.


As much as we all love camping, sometimes relaxation means something a bit more comfortable. Save the tent for a different weekend (unless the idea of posting up somewhere in nature is your exact definition of unwinding). Book a small cabin out in nature instead; there are plenty of options on vacation rental sites such as Airbnb.

This is a great compromise for the nature lovers and still offers an alternative when you want some modern day amenities.


If nature isn’t your vibe, a change of scenery will still do wonders in terms of helping you reset mentally. If you have a small social distanced group that you trust, getting a poolside house for a weekend is another great option, especially for city dwellers and individuals living in major metropolitan areas. 

Pack your cooler and plan for a lazy day in the sun, tanning, reading, drinking, snacking, relaxing. For anyone extra sensitive, we also recommend CBD Aloe Vera to mitigate pain or any damage after sun exposure.


If you are within vicinity of a beach front or a lake, another great escape is renting a boat for the day and spending some time out on the water. Nothing says getaway like being away from the rest of civilization. If you are in nature and can get a rental for a boat day, even better. With the breeze and the energy from the water, it is sure to help you relax.

To amp it up even further, this is a great opportunity to try out some water activities as well. An alternative to boating would be jet skiing or kayaking. Being in or on the water forces you to check out of social media and leave the digital devices locked away. That in and of itself will be magnificent for recharging. 


Relaxation looks different for everyone depending on personal preferences and other circumstances. However, the goal is to enjoy time where you can let go of every day stresses and unwind. Just because we are in the midst of a global pandemic doesn’t mean it has to be all bad. Plan ahead and get supplies and you’d be surprised how many activities you can plan, even while at home.

Whether it is a dedicated spa day, a backyard picnic, a beach day, or a lengthy movie marathon, the intentionality and the mentality will make all the difference. If you absolutely want to get some sun and go outside while summer is still in full swing, there are plenty of options for that as well. Low effort, minimal planning activities include simple hikes or biking. All out planning could mean an ultimate social distancing vacation in a cabin, by a poolside, or on a boat!

The world is your oyster. And if anxiety and stress is something that you struggle with managing, CBD is always an option to help take the edge off so that you can fully enjoy the planned staycation. With our collection of full spectrum CBD in various forms, there is something for everyone if this is something you would like to incorporate.


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