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How to Liven Up Your Smile in the Dead of Winter

December 17, 2019 3 min read

With 2019 nearly over and the dawn of a new decade just days away, you have enough things to worry about (checking off any last-minute tasks, mentally preparing yourself for a new year's worth of responsibilities, etc, etc).  The one thing you definitely don't want to spend time fretting over is, you guessed it, your skin.

Given the position you may find yourself in at the turn of the new year, your skin may be causing problem due to stress; and this winter weather isn't helping either.  The idea that stress and weather can come together to cause such different reactions out of people is not only concerning, but extremely frustrating.  Luckily, we're here to shed some light on how to liven up your skin, regardless of the environment you may find yourself in.


Winter air is notorious for drying out your skin, and with the seemingly never-ending waves of cold weather rolling through, it is imperative that we deal with dryness first!

To do that, we need to focus on the skin's lipid barrier.  Cold weather and indoor heat break down our skin's natural protective lipid barrier, leaving it exposed to damage and dehydration.

Using a humidifier in your bedroom is a sure-fire way in keeping your skin glowing despite how dry it may be outside.  When washing up, consider switch to a milder facial cleanser then apply our CBD Face Cream religiously.  The ingredients contained in our cream combined with a generous dose of Full Spectrum CBD can only help to enhance its effects of protecting and moisturizing the face back to its optimal beauty.


While we may be all for red as a festival holiday color, let's just state that the holidays are over (Read: THE HOLIDAYS ARE DONE) and there's no reason why our face needs to match our sweaters.  One such way to eliminate redness cause by either stress, the weather, or an act of God is to exfoliate the skin in a way that doesn't damage our pores in the process.

Using our CBD Face Masks a few times a week is the perfect solution, designed to not only exfoliate the moisturize the face, but to also protect against future discomforts, such as redness.  Each sheet mask contains green tea leaf extract, which is antioxidant-rich compound that helps to reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation.

Taking green tea leaf extract and several other vitamin-rich ingredients with the naturally-therapeutic effects Full Spectrum CBD has to offer and you're left with something that actually works - which is a rare sight these days. 


Think of breakouts as the result of virtually anything and everything bad that can happen to you.  It can be the result of a conversation you don't like having, an un-enjoyable experience, or even something completely outside your control such as the weather.  The common denominator each situation has is its ability to cause stress; and its this same stress that inevitably leads to breakouts.  While you can try to alleviate breakouts through a CBD Topicals product, another alternative is to alleviate the stress at the source, which can be achieved by ingesting the CBD.

Pause, take some deep breaths, count to 10, take a half dropper of our CBD Tincture Oils under the tongue!  Dropping tinctures sublingually surpasses our body's ability to digest, thus allowing the maximum amount of CBD to interact with our endocannabinoid system for a higher potential benefit!

Ingesting CBD allows your body to chill out before making the the next move.  The result should be that you're in a calmer state of mind - allowing you to avoid a stress-induced breakout with ease!

It's no wonder that people go to great lengths to preserve it; and one such way that skin begins to look as if it is no longer effective are wrinkles.


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