How to Leverage Exercise as a Natural Mood-Booster

March 09, 2021 5 min read

How to Leverage Exercise as a Natural Mood-Booster

There are two ways to look at exercising - 1) you love exercising and see it as a form of not only looking good, but feeling good!  Or 2, you avoid exercise like the plague and see it as a grueling task or something to stay away from unless it's absolutely necessary.

If you fall into category 2, no big deal!  This is why we exist!  Our CBD Topicals can help you embrace exercise as a method of feeling great!

Exercise can:

  • Help improve your self-esteem
  • Distract you from insecurities
  • Help to break the cycle of negative thoughts
  • Increase your confidence in achieving goals
  • Enhance your energy levels
  • Help you achieve a better night's sleep

The positive link between exercise and a better mood is clear, even if we don't exactly understand how exercise works in improving such a mood.  What we do know is that it does work for a combination of reasons.

How Does Exercise Make You Feel Good?

For starters, exercise helps to limit the effect of stress on the brain.  It can give you a focused activity that can help give you a sense of accomplishment.  Exercise helps to improve your circadian rhythm, too, which means your sleep patterns can assume a sense of normalcy.  Getting enough sleep helps to protect the brain from damage, so it's certainly a vital part of the day.

A natural mood lifter, exercise has the added bonus of increasing your endorphins.  Plus, it also helps to reduce the chemicals in the system that triggers and worsens depression.  In fact, exercise can drastically help with managing depression thanks to increasing serotonin levels in the brain.  Serotonin helps the body regulate mood, sleep, and appetite - so it's kind of a big deal that you have a decent supply of it!



One of the most common things yoga is known for is relieving stress and being able to calm the mind.  Yoga practice, as well as meditation and other exercises of the body or mind, is best used in tangent with CBD to optimize the relief!

There are a diverse number of studies and clinical trials on the effects yoga has on the body.  In one randomized, 6-month clinical trial, researched observed the quality of life in those that did yoga and those that did not.  Overall, the controlled group practicing yoga came out with the best quality of life metrics across the board!

There are so many other benefits when it comes to yoga, so make sure to check out our blog on the topic.  We explain the ways yoga and CBD go hand-in-hand and delve much further into yoga's known health benefits.


Get moving and get those calories burning with a short but intense workout!  High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is not only great for the body, but also great for the mood and mind!  As cathartic as dancing, it's certainly another type of exercise you could incorporate into your daily routine to lift up your mood progressively over time.


Speaking of dancing, it's another form of exercise that can seriously uplift your spirits - especially when you have a partner!  Learning to dance and practicing certain dances is a fantastic way to bond and is also therapeutic for each person on their own.


There are anxiolytic effects when it comes to weightlifting, and resistance exercise in general.  Anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety, means it helps to reduce and remove symptoms that cause anxiety.  Even single-bout sessions of resistance exercise can drastically improve the mood and reduce negative symptoms.

Cardio Exercises - At Home or Around Town

Even just walking has been shown to improve mood drastically, so maybe this is a sign to just go for a walk!  Discover the nearest trail or cool path and put one front of the other.  Make sure you've prepared yourself with the right walking shoes!

Not only is a consistent routine of cardio good for the body, especially for the cardiovascular system, but it's especially good for helping your clear your head to make you feel better.


Getting vitamin D is another vital aspect that you should consider each day.  Spending 15 to 30 minutes outside for some much-needed fun in the sun is extremely beneficial for both your health and overall mental wellness!


Believe it or not, you actually want to get your stretch on after your workout - and not before.  Our bodies are designed to be able to spring up and bolt at a moment's notice and stretching beforehand actually lessens our ability to.

If you had an especially daunting workout, CBD Relief Wraps are an excellent way to help relieve discomfort across various areas of the body.  Our 3-Pack features 150MG of Full Spectrum CBD that's applied as a topical patch for easy deliver.


Even more potent for your workout is our CBD Muscle Recovery Cream, which takes 250MG of Full Spectrum CBD and other key organic ingredients to effectively level up your post-workout recovery routine!


Then, even on recovery days, a soothing balm designed to spot-treat troublesome areas across the skin can really complete the workout experience!  Our CBD Soothing Balm combines 25 active ingredients and 200MG of Full Spectrum CBD for a powerful topical ointment meant to soothe the body and protect the skin.


Relaxation is a big factor for people that incorporate CBD into their daily routine, but cannabidiol can afford the body so much more than that.  Combined with exercise, imagine the mood-lifting possibilities you can experience on a daily basis!

Feel powerful, unstoppable, and like your can confidently take on the world with CBD products and a consistent exercise routine on your side.


Okay we get it - it's easier said than done.  If it were easy, everyone would be off the couch and fit right?  And while the fact that exercise can improve your mental and general well-being, the fact just isn't enough for some people to stay motivated.

Find a Workout Buddy

While we recommended this for dancing, now we're recommending it for working out in general!  It helps to have a workout buddy!  Not only can you motivate each other to keep going and to feel good after your workout, but social interaction can be just as good for the brain.

Discover the Right Activity

Again, we can't stress how important it is to find the exercise that you enjoy doing.  Otherwise, it's still going to feel like a chore, and you're going to eventually stop exercising.  if it's not something you're having fun with and actually want to take part in, you'll give up, so make sure you find an activity that feels right for you!

Make Sure to Go at Your Pace

Just as important, is going at the pace you feel suits you and your fitness level.  Don't expect to run a marathon on the first day - but also make sure you're not babying yourself too hard.  Find a good in-between so you can work your way up to the level you feel most comfortable at.

Overtime, (and we mean over the course of the first few week), your body will start building easier paths to the happy chemicals our brains need to feel better throughout the day.  It might feel like a slow process, but the payoff is that much more rewarding!

Go at a pace that makes you feel comfortable enough to truly incorporate exercise into your daily routine - for the sake of your own mood, mental health, and general wellbeing.  Feel better and incorporate CBD into your daily routine too to give yourself the powerhouse you need to tackle any day with ease!

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