How to Level Up Your Motivation

How to Level Up Your Motivation


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It happens to the best of us, no matter if you’re typically a Type A go-getter or a Type B “living life to the fullest” kind of person. The “blah” feeling where your motivation is zapped and it feels like every task takes three or four times as much effort and energy to even start? We’ve all been there before. And when we sit in that feeling of being demotivated for too long, it becomes a funk.

To avoid falling into that slump pitfall, here are a few ways that you can approach your day to level up your motivation and have a productive, feel-good aura about your life.

what is the reasoning or source behind the lack of motivation?

There are countless reasons why you might be feeling less productive than usual.  To combat that sensation, it's important to examine the source of your funk.  Different root causes require different solutions.


One of the most common causes for a lower level of motivation is from working too hard. You've been firing on all cylinders for so long that your body has burned out. Simple tasks take exorbitant amounts of energy to start or complete. If you aren't sure whether or not this applies to you, take a look at some of the following symptoms:

  • You're tired all the time and you don't seem to feel rested, no matter how much sleep you're getting
  • It takes a lot of energy for you to get started on tasks and you have the feeling of wanting to call it quits
  • You don't want to talk to anyone and you think you'd want to sleep more only to find out you have too much to do
  • You're zoning out and starting to feel like you "just don't care" about ht results

If you've hit the point of burn out, it usually means that the standard "self care" routines of taking a day off here and there, unplugging from your sources of stress for the weekend, and catching up on sleep aren't enough.  If you've hit the point of burning out, it's no wonder that your motivation levels are low in general.

Do not mistake burnout for being tired; although it's not to say that low motivation cannot stem from exhaustion.  If you are finding yourself getting increasingly exhausted, taking a proactive approach to avoid the burnout is your best bet of overcoming it.  Try the following tips and tricks to get both your mind on body back on track:

  • Fruits, veggies, proteins - eating your meal on time! This is a straightforward fix that does wonders.  When we are not staying nourished, we are depleting both our mind and body of the energy it needs to properly function.  When we get into that cycle of being exhausted, we no longer have the energy to make food, let alone, skip meals.  This becomes a negative loop that ultimately leads to burnout and low motivation.
  • Rest, rest, rest - quality sleep is a GAME CHANGER.  Sleeping is one of the most critical elements to leading a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to mood and energy levels.  Without getting solid sleep, you wake up cranky and not in your most productive state of mind, making it difficult to be motivated.
  • Exercise and some type of physical activity!  Even if you aren't a fitness junkie or a nature buff, staying active has a lot of positive impact on the mind and the body.  It gets your blood flowing (even if it's just a walk!), and rejuvenates your energy.  If you're feeling tired, try getting your heart rate up to give yourself that nice little boost.

If you've having trouble committing to any of the above, another option to consider is incorporating CBD into your routine.  CBD may help alleviate any additional stress or anxiety that prevents you from leaning into building these productive habits.  It also helps enhance overall mood and may reduce the dread and grumpy feelings that prevent you from wanting to do anything productive.


Sometimes, we feel low levels of motivation despite leading a healthy lifestyle.  For example, you're taking care of yourself in terms of staying active, getting the proper amounts of sleep, and eating right.  If there are external factors that impact your mood, this may lead to lower motivation.

A number of things can result in feelings of unhappiness, stress, or other events that would upset your balance of life.  Some causes can be:

  • Not feeling satisfied with where you are in life, whether it's school, work, relationships, friendships or any aspect of your life
  • A recent event happened that has been on your mind and you have not fully processed your feelings on it
  • A lot of turbulence in your life or relationships that changes your routine
  • Something coming up that you are stressed out about, whether it's an exam, a major life change, a presentation, or just seeing someone.

Any of the above and more can create some type of unrest subconsciously.  Individuals can go through their day and accomplish things, but despite this, they may feel like they are simply "going through the motions."  If this is the case, the type of lowered motivation isn't one that prevents everyday tasks from getting done.  It is the type that creates a sense of "what is the point?"

If the feeling of dread and stagnation is what resonates with you the most, try out these tips and tricks to combat the funk:

  • Small wins!  Create achievable milestones that are low effort, but build towards you want to ultimately accomplish.  Hitting goals endorses and creates momentum, which will reduce the feeling of stagnation.
  • Create a plan!  In general, the source of unease stems from something that is beyond your control and is preventing you from focusing on other areas of your life.  You can eliminate this by having a solution.  Whether or not you need to execute it, having a game plan reduces the anxiety and allows you to focus on achieving each step rather than the larger picture.
  • Change it up!  Lack of fulfillment and satisfaction can be the consequence of routine and boredom.  If you can't act on that big plan yet, switch up your current routine.  A little change goes a long way and can make you feel motivated to keep pushing!

This is another area that can be enhanced with Full Spectrum CBD.  Motivation is different for everyone and the biggest obstacle to overcome the feeling of being "stuck" can be mood and mindset.  CBD may help reduce the noise that is going on in your mind and can be that extra boost to give you the reassurance you need to get through taking charge of your routine!


It's normal to feel like you're in a funk sometimes!  The two primary categories for lack of motivation are generally mindset and physiological.  Whether you are feeling a decreased level of productivity from being tired all the time or because you're simply not in a good mood, there are ways to hack so you are feeling like yourself again.

With physiological causes such as being tired or overworking, your body needs to properly recharge.  CBD can help with kick-starting this if you find it particularly difficult to pull away from the workaholic routine.  With mental and mindset-related causes, the best way to combat the dunk comes with it is to create positive change.  By building up little wins and reassuring yourself that things are on the up and up, momentum kicks in and before you know it, you are on your A game once more!


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