How to Keep Your Pets Calm for 4th of July Festivities

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When you think about fireworks, you can probably hear and see the kind of show they put on.  While this can be a fun time for many, it may be a more terrifying time for others - especially our furry friends.  In fact, July 5th is typically the busiest day for animal shelters, as pets run away from fear or confusion.

With the 4th of July quickly approaching, we want to stress the importance of keeping your pets safe and calm during the inevitable festivities.  In this guide, we'll touch on a variety of ways to help keep your pets calm during the holiday.  Let's give into how to keep your pets calm during such a busy and loud holiday season.

7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Calm


1. Walk them ahead of time

It never hurts to exercise your pet in preparation for what's ahead.  If you have a dog, this can be as easy as taking them for a walk.  Walk them before any fireworks starts, before the sun sets, to increase the chance that you can avoid all the loud sounds in the area.  Double-check that you pup is leashed properly before you adventure out!

If you have another pet, exercising them with toys beforehand is a great idea!  Cats, rodents, and other furry friends can be exercised.  Most could also certainly love the attention, so it never hurts to give them some extra time.  Especially if it's going to be loud or unsettling in the hours to come, giving them some special attention ahead of time will help put them more at ease.

Likewise, exercising your pet before the fireworks start going off may help tire them out.  A sleep animal is less likely to be as startled at the commotion.  These are all things to consider as the holiday approaches.  However, we have some additional alternatives you may be able to incorporate into this option to maximize how calm your pet is for the 4th of July.


2. play white noise

What better way to get your pet to be calm during the fireworks than for them to just not hear them?  If you have a white noise machine or play something loud enough to drown out the loud sounds, you're in the clear!  make sure it's not too loud for their sensitive ears, though.  It could be something as simple as leaving a fan on, or a radio, or the TV playing.

You may not be able to drown out the sounds of fireworks completely depending on how close you are to the action.  With enough background noise, though, you should be able to mask it enough to not trigger your pet.

It's important to watch the level of white noise you create.  Again, your pet has more sensitive ears than us humans.  Keep a careful eye on how they're reacting to all the sound around you before you head out for fireworks.  If you're setting them off yourself, you may want to incorporate other options into this one.



While of course no one would ever want it to happen, there's a potential chance the loud noise and commotion of fireworks could cause your pet to bolt.  A runaway pet is scary - especially if they don't have any ID on them.  Obviously, you can't pack their passport with them, but you can get them a collar and ID tag.  You can give your cat a breakaway collar with a tag, so they can be identified and kept safe if they get out.

Your pet getting out of your home on the 4th of July is never something someone wants, but it does happen.  As we mentioned, one of the busiest day of the year for animal shelters is often July 5th.  Pet have run away, confused and/or afraid.  They're grabbed up by strangers and taken off to shelters to hopefully be reunited with their owner once more.  Keeping your pets tags always around their neck helps ensure your furry friend comes back to you if the worse ever happens and they run away.

Likewise, you can always opt to get your pet microchipped.  The information on your pet's collar can be correct, but they can also lose it.  People with negative intentions may also pick them up.  Getting your pet microchipped, especially with a GPS device, is the best way to ensure their complete safety.  Plus, being able to track your pet if they do run away or you lose them is an invaluable resource that most pet wonders would want to have.



Your pet likely already feels like they're at home when they're with you. In the comfort of the house that they're used to, this is their safe haven.  This will hopefully make them feel even more at ease when the fireworks start going off.  Dogs are den animals, so they like something they can use to cave away from it all with.

Try setting up a quiet area where they can't hear the fireworks as easily.  If you have a basement, large closet, or heavily furnished room, these can help mute the noise.  You may have your pet kennel-trained already; in which case, they can feel their safest.

Whatever you set up to make them feel more at home, make sure it's something familiar to them.  It's also good to bring them treats, toys, and other familiar items that they can find even further comfort in.



Sometimes, your pet may need something extra to make them feel calm, cool, and collected.  Many pet owners have already started incorporating CBD into their pet's everyday routine.  The 4th of July and other loud holidays are as great a reason as any to start.

CBD Dog Treats

CBD Pet Tincture

There are a massive array of CBD products online for pets, but it can be difficult to sort through them all.  CBD Dog Treats make for an excellent option, but you may not want to give them a treat daily.  Alternatively, you may have a cat or other furry friend.  In this case, we recommend our CBD Pet Tincture.  It's bacon-flavored so it's tempting for your pets.  We also make our tinctures with simple ingredients so that you know exactly what you're giving them.

If you plan on using a CBD Pet Tincture, just drop the serving in their food.  Or, if they're grazers and eat throughout the day, you may want to drop the serving directly into their mouths.  They should start feeling the difference within minutes.  However, it can take time for it to consistently get into their system.  You'll notice clearer results the longer they're on a daily routine with it.



If you have enough time before the holiday, you can slowly desensitize your pet to the noise.  There are YouTube videos that have the fireworks' lights and sounds.  You can have your pet gradually grow accustomed to the sound.  As the fireworks go off on the 4th of July, your pet will be prepared!



The easiest solution to keeping your pets calm for the holiday if to just distract them!  Whether that's with tasty toys, treats, or quality time together, keeping your pet's focus away from the fireworks and on you and the toys is paramount.

If you make it distracting enough, you can get away with them not evening knowing fireworks were happening in the first place.  To help calm them at the same time, you might try adding CBD into the mix as well.

Sure, this means you won't get to watch the fireworks yourself; but some things are worth missing out on fireworks for!  Plus, this is just one of the many alternatives we have on this list.  You may end up using a combination of the other options to get to go enjoy yourself anyway.  Whatever works for your pets and your situation is why we have so many choices in this guide.



As you can see, there are quite a few ways to keep your pet calm during a day and night filled with fireworks.  It may not be easy depending on how busy your area may be.  However, use a number of these ways combined to give your pet the best chance at having a great 4th of July themselves!  In our guide on how to keep your pets calm during 4th of July festivities, we hope we were able to give you the tools you need for your own pets.


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