How to Keep Your Pets Calm During 4th of July Festivities

June 29, 2020 5 min read

How to Keep Your Pets Calm During 4th of July Festivities


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As we approach another Independence Day, the sporadic bursts of fireworks have begun in several neighborhoods at random times throughout the evenings and nights. For dog owners or anyone with a pet, this is not just another holiday. It is a time that extra care and attention needs to be paid to our fur babies. 4th of July is uncomfortable for pets, and most are very scared during this holiday. The loud noises and flashing lights can induce a lot of anxiety and many of our four legged friends do not handle the stress very well.

Whether you are a new dog owner or a seasoned dog parent, it’s important to be prepared, and have a plan going into the 4th of July so that you are not caught off guard and can effectively comfort your beloved pet. Otherwise, you may be in for one long night.


Every pet is different.  Perhaps you have a seasoned dog that is well accustomed to the loud noises and fireworks and is no longer startled by it. This is rare, but not impossible. For example, hunting dogs grow desensitized to the smell of gunpowder and the sound of loud rifles. Most dogs are not. Here are few things to keep in mind.


Some dogs and pets are more easily startled than others. Think about the normal anxiety level of your pet. Is he or she one to bark at loud noises? Construction is an easy example to reference. If your dog does not handle the construction noises very well, and hide in a corner or shiver, this is an indicator that they are particularly sensitive to noise and will more than likely have a very difficult time during the holiday. What about thunder? Does your pet whine or cry when there is a storm?

Think about how your pet reacts in normal situations where there is an abrupt interruption such as a door slamming or a car alarm going off. Some dogs will not react at all if they are used to it. Others, no matter how many times it happens, will react no matter what. If you are in the latter group, then it is particularly important to prepare. If you are part of the first group, the other factor to consider is that dogs experience fireworks differently than thunder or “natural” noises. This is because of their survival instincts.


No matter how you look at it, fireworks are not an everyday occurrence. It is already natural for most dogs to be startled by loud noises. A typical reaction is to run away and hide, for self preservation. Our dogs’ senses are a lot stronger than ours. And when you think about the physics of how fireworks are set off, it is easy to understand why it can be so overwhelming. 

Fireworks are very close to the ground, causing vibrations and are often accompanied by the smell of something burning. Add flashing lights and explosion-like booms to the mix and it is no wonder our pets’ instincts and nervous systems are thrown into overdrive.


At the end of the day, we want to keep our pets calm because we love and care about them. It is never easy to observe our little friends having a difficult time. There are several ramifications that can result from their fear or anxiety that responsible pet owners should try to mitigate or avoid.

running away

The biggest thing to look out for is escape. Many dogs will run away during 4th of July and in the midst of all the festivities and chaos, this can be a simple thing to overlook. No matter how well behaved your dog is during normal times, make sure that they are in an area where they cannot easily escape. This can happen in an instant when they are spooked. Even indoor pets can react in this way. In preparation for worst case scenarios, make sure there is identification on your pet somewhere.


In addition to the survival instincts that may kick in, high levels of stress and anxiety can create behavior problems in our pets. Non-stop barking is not uncommon and a less consequential issue compared to some other ramifications. Puppy-like behavior might resurface including eating things that are not meant to be consumed, having potty accidents everywhere, and even destroying shoes and furniture.


CBD has long been shown to have various calming effects in both humans and animals. In fact, there are a number of pet owners who utilize CBD to manage chronic anxiety for some cases. There are several benefits that full spectrum CBD can offer to dogs. As a matter of fact, many vets actually recommend it as a remedy for pain, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, and even digestion. Studies have even shown positive correlation with conditions such as epilepsy. 

CBD encourages a calmer state of mind and relaxes the body for your pet. This reduces the level of anxiety that they are experiencing and can make fireworks and the 4th of July much more manageable. When they are not overly stressed, they are much less likely to act up or run away. The added benefits of reducing seizures and improving general digestion also perks and will prevent any unwanted accidents.

how can i safely give cbd to my pet?

It can be nerve wracking to introduce anything new to our pets, we get it. As a dog parent, we want to ensure the safety and health of our little ones and CBD can seem daunting at first. As a rule of thumb, make sure that you consult with your vet first especially if your pet is taking other medications. Once you have the blessing of your vet, do your research before purchasing any product.

Envy CBD has devoted time to our pet products to make it as quick and easy as possible. Additionally, we have made sure that our dosages are based on weight so you can appropriately gage how much to give your pet. Our products are designed to be easily fed to your furry friends directly, or mixed in with food.

Our CBD Pet Tincture Oil is a very cost effective option that is made with simple ingredients only and can be given to your pet directly. If your dog is one you can feed, give them a couple drops depending on their weight, and observe the effects within minutes. If they are a bit more squirmish, mix it in their food. The tincture is bacon flavored and will not be overly noticeable. A different option that is equally easy and just as tasty is our CBD Dog Treats. Bacon flavored as well and bound to be a delight for your dog, each jar contains 20 dog treats and dosage is based on the size of your pet.


Every year, fireworks create a frenzy within pet households. Most pet parents know the drill. Keep them indoors, in a place where noises are blocked out. Distract them as best as possible and give them a lot of attention and cuddles so they are comforted. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough sometimes, especially if you have other people running around or children to care for.

CBD is a great option in both scenarios. Our pets can act out when they are under heavy stress and the last thing we want is for them to go missing or run away. If you have been considering it for some time, EnvyCBD is hosting a large sitewide promotion for 40% off all products from now until July 5th, using the code: FIREWORKS. While you are loading up on your other CBD products, take advantage of the sale and grab something for your furry, loved one as well. 

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