How to Incorporate CBD Into Your Work Week

How to Incorporate CBD Into Your Work Week

Daily life can be hectic - and we totally get it.  At times just trying to get through the workday can be one of the most daunting tasks.  Waking up on time, getting ready for work, and being there at a full 100% can be difficult - especially if you're in the wrong mindset.  Adequate care of ourselves becomes non-existent when the effort it takes to complete tasks rule most of our lives.  Fortunately, there are products out there designed to help you find a better chill.  We want to show you the top 5 CBD products that can help you get through the typical work week a little easier.

CBD Muscle Recovery Cream: To Power Through the Day

Whether it's post-workout or you've just had a long, strenuous day, our CBD Muscle Recovery Cream might be what you've been needing.  Helping to aid sore muscles and tender areas, the muscle recovery cream is designed to help you feel good while relaxing both the body and mind.  It contains menthol alongside several other organic ingredients; not to mention a generous 250mg of Full Spectrum CBD to help ease overworked body parts.  Think of it like when an athlete ices their body after a game, but without the mess!

CBD Gummies: For That Added Sweetness to Your Week

Gummies are an easy way to get Full Spectrum CBD into your routine because one bite and you're done!  Plus, they're delicious!  While they're not the absolute fastest way to consume CBD (we'll mention that later), they do offer some variety to your day.  We have two different flavor options: Regular and Sour.  Both can help provide long-lasting, all-around relief to ensure a great day.

CBD Body Lotion: Staying Moisturized and On Top of Skin Health

Getting into a proper skincare routine for your entire body can be an endlessly rewarding process in the long run.  Not only are you using preventive health for your skin, you're also reducing the signs of aging.  You're lowering your chance of getting wrinkles and optimizing your youthful appearance.  With enough consistency, you may even notice a faint flow that comes off your gorgeous skin!  Stay moisturized all week with either our Lavender or Green Apple Body Lotions as both can help you feel calm and relaxed while keeping your skin soft and supple.

CBD Gel Capsules: The Ultimate Convenience

Like we said, we'd mention the fastest method you can use to getting consistent CBD into your workweek.  That title goes to none other than our CBD Gel Capsules.  They're packed with 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD per capsule and allows for a quick, easy, but long-lasting and all-around relief.  Consistency is key here, so you can get into using a capsule daily to see the most result!

CBD Face Mask: A Happy Ending from a Long Day or Week

Finally, sometimes you just want something to relax with after a long work day - or week!  Our CBD Face Masks help take a ritualistic approach to skincare and in turn, self-care.  The 3-pack contains 10mg of Full Spectrum CBD per sheet, giving you 3 nights worth of that tender love and care that you so rightfully deserve.  Combined with key organic ingredients, this powerful formula helps protect against the natural progression of age and preserves natural beauty.  Overall, it's an excellent tool to have in your arsenal in the quest for relaxation and getting through the week!

The Bottom Line

You can see there are quite a few CBD products to choose from when it comes to incorporating your slice of wellness and self-care to your day-to-day routine.  No matter how busy your workload may be, there should always be a few minutes here and there to check yourself to make sure you are as well as you can be!  Cannabidiol is one of those types of products that can truly help you go with the flow.  Try one or more of our CBD products today to see just how it might benefit your week!

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