How to Exercise Self-Care After a Long Week

How to Exercise Self-Care After a Long Week

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After a tumultuous start to the year, we’ve found ourselves officially in the fall season. Summer is over which means school, deadlines, holidays, familial obligations, and colder weather is right around the corner. Life is stressful enough as it is, but come the end of the year, it can feel like there are many more things to juggle than usual. Taking care of yourself, emotionally, physically, mentally, will be crucial to being able to balance all your obligations.

Today, we discuss recharging after a long week and all the various ways you can do that. It’s important to unwind and take time off regularly (even if you can’t do this every single weekend) so that you have the energy to go into another week feeling rejuvenated. Otherwise, you will end up burned out and drained in every sense which could heavily impact your quality of life .


No matter your age or your profession, self-care is important for everyone to practice for a number of different reasons. It is a major factor in your overall health and well being. Without taking care of yourself, the result is not performing in an optimal manner whether it is family responsibilities, friendship and relationships, work and professional life, or studies and education.

Furthermore, it also impacts your general sense of happiness and satisfaction. Stress can lead to a number of health issues and complications as you get older. Not to mention, the anxiety can prevent you from getting substantial rest and expedite the overall aging process. It can impact your mood and your general levels of productivity and motivation.

Without taking care of yourself regularly, you go through the days and weeks on a type of autopilot because you aren’t able to be fully present. Similar to how you won’t lose weight overnight, you aren’t going to be able to maximize your self care in a single evening. This is where we believe it is important to self care after every long week to develop good habits, and avoid crashing and burning.


Self care is going to look a bit different for everyone, since each person has their own respective ways of cutting loose and letting off steam. However, we do think that there are some overarching best practices that you can follow to avoid the trap of having a weekend where you get nothing done, but also don’t feel rested or recharged.


We get it, there is just an incredible amount of work to be done. The chores aren’t going to do themselves. There’s a ton of errands that need to be completed. And a lot of housework that has been pushed back.

One of the easiest ways to hit a state of being burnt out is by neglecting your personal well being and placing too high of an emphasis on the external things. It’s really easy to come up with a million reasons why you cannot afford to take a break. The result is, Monday comes around and you most likely didn’t get to everything anyway.

Take a deep breath because everything will still be there. Even a couple hours to yourself on a particularly hectic weekend is better than powering through. Some suggests for mini self-care breaks:

  • Take a nice bath, with all the bells and whistles, bath bombs, scented shampoos, essential oils in a diffuser, maybe even a candle if you’re feeling fancy. For extra relaxation benefits, CBD infused bath bombs will give that tiny bit of added relief.
  • Meditate and/or stretch. Turn the lights down to a dim setting, turn on white noise or relaxing music, and allow yourself to mentally check out. If you are not used to it, your mind may be hard to quiet but if you stick with it and follow a rhythm of deep breaths, you will be able to leave the worries behind.
  • Get a massage. Full body massages never fail to reduce the built up tension points in your body, but getting a concentrated head massage is also a treat for when you are stressed and overthinking.


As much as we want to think that we do not live in a digital society, so much of our lives and our day-to-days are wrapped up in the internet and technology. This includes email, texts, social media, streaming platforms, and more. It can feel very overwhelming when we are constantly “plugged in” per se.

As much as self care might sound like “binge an entire season of a show on Netflix over 48 hours”, we would not recommend this approach. Yes, what you really want to do after a long week is to not think and not have to process anything. Being a couch potato would accomplish that, but it will not give you the feeling of being recharged.

While we don’t expect you to go on a digital detox every weekend, it will do wonders for your overall mood and well being to turn off the phone and the computer and the television for a few hours and ground yourself with just you and the “real” world. Here are some suggestions for what you can do if you are feeling uncertain:

  • Take a long walk or visit a park. Being outside and getting fresh air will give your strained eyes a much needed break. It will also release the sentiment of not being cooped up in your home or in your office.
  • Read a book, or check out a new cafe. Doing something that is “productive” but doesn’t require being online is cathartic in a lot of ways, especially for anyone who is accustomed to living the fast life. It slows time down in a way.
  • Get a workout in, go on a hike! Physical activity is one of the best ways to get space away from technology. It’s very difficult to be online when you are actively exercising or participating in anything physical. The added perk is that it will exhaust you enough that your quality of sleep will likely improve as well.


Whether you’re an avid proponent of using CBD in your routine, or if you like to use it once in a while, CBD is a great option if you are one of the individuals who have trouble prioritizing self-care or unplugging.

CBD comes in a number of different forms and formats and has several benefits that include stabilizing your mood, reducing anxiety and overall stress, helping with inflammation and pain (if you are tense), and even mitigating insomnia. Those are all areas and issues that can compound over time. And they certainly will if they are “minor” things that are continuously being neglected. Some of our favorite ways to incorporate CBD include the following :

  • Adding it to your morning tea or breakfast coffee using a CBD tincture. This is a simple and low effort way to dose and allows you to increase or decrease the amount based on how you are feeling.
  • Taking an edible form of CBD at the beginning of the day where the effects will be slowly released and you can enjoy the benefits of full spectrum CBD over the course of the day. Our gummies are a delicious way of doing that.
  • Using CBD infused topical products in place of your standard ones. Lotions, face masks, aloe vera, and other topical products come with CBD options as well. If you are feeling extra strained or physically worn, replacing your usual products will give you some added relief.


Self-care is a ritual. And sometimes after a long week, all we want to do is take it easy. More often than not, that’s enough to give us the necessary recharge. However, if you are consistently having long weeks, it can be more and more difficult to unplug. Before long, it is a spiral that is out of control.

So if you’re struggling to unwind and detox your mind, body, and soul, take a few of these tips and push yourself to prioritize your well being.


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