How to Combat Premature Aging with CBD

June 22, 2020 6 min read

How to Combat Premature Aging with CBD


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Aging is inevitable and is something everyone has to deal with at one point or another. Now, whether we age gracefully is another question altogether--that is part of the reason why one of the largest sectors of the beauty industry is anti-aging products. There are a lot of different variables that can expedite the aging process, creating a frenzy for women (and men) to search for products that can rewind the hands of time. That said, it is always easier to lean on the side of preventative care versus trying to reverse aging that has already occurred.

In this article, we break down common causes that can contribute to premature aging and ways to combat it. We also discuss how CBD in particular can help enhance whatever skincare routine already in place and further assist anti-aging efforts.


When thinking about how to combat premature aging, it’s important to look at what can cause it. Without understanding the factors that contribute to it, it’s hard to understand the solution or routines that will work best for you. There are several factors that can all play into it, but if any of these are applicable to your life, it may be time to take note and make some lifestyle changes.


Have you ever noticed that the people who are happiest seem to have a radiant, youthful glow about them? They exude energy and appear younger than their actual age. While there isn’t a direct correlation, people who are happier generally have fewer health problems like high blood pressure. Additionally, individuals who are happier have fewer wrinkles and scowl marks since they spend more time having relaxed facial expressions.

There are a lot of muscles in our face and they too, are subject to muscle memory. When we are not happy, our expressions typically are set in sad, angry, or stressed positions which can lead to wrinkles. This is something to keep in mind and isn’t something that can easily be changed overnight. It is a mental state and something to be consciously working towards, every day.

how can cbd help?

While there isn’t a good substitute for a solid skin care routine and overall preventative maintenance, CBD can help alleviate any issues relating to emotional imbalances. CBD is a natural alternative and has been shown to help improve mental state and overall mood. Introducing this into your day-to-day routine is an option to help elevate your state of mind, putting you in better spirits and feeling more relaxed so you can avoid those scowl marks.


Smoking, drinking, and eating less-than-healthy foods are all considered indulgences for a reason.  We all know that they aren't great for us, especially in excess.  But how does that affect our skin and the youthful appearance of it?  Smoking and drinking too much can cause discoloration or lines on our skin that make us look far older than we are.

Over time, smoking can create deep, fine lines on the face because the skin isn't getting enough oxygen.  Drinking can also lead to a number of health complications and issues with your kidneys and livers.  It can also lead to discoloration and unattractive side effects such as spider veins.  Lastly, we all know how important it is to maintain a healthy diet.

If you are consuming a lot of processed foods or have a diet high in fat and added sugars, it definitely isn't helping the case with maintaining a youthful appearance.  Incorporating a well-rounded, balanced diet that consists predominantly of fruits an vegetables, low in added sugar, and overall fresh in nature, your heightened state of overall wellness can do wonders for more than just your appearance, but for your overall energy levels.

HOW CAN CBD HELP overall wellness?

CBD is known to have several benefits and healing properties. What may not be common knowledge is the fact that CBD is actually a protein source. It actually contains a lot of the healthy amino acids that we look for in a well balanced diet. B-complex vitamins that CBD contains include Vitamin B6, B12, riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine. CBD also has iron and is an antioxidant, making it a great additive to your meals.

This is particularly helpful to note if you are a vegetarian or a vegan and may not be having too many sources of complex vitamins or iron. A great way to incorporate it into your diet is through our CBD Tincture Oils.


The weather can have a huge impact on our skin and without proper care, it can really speed up the effects of aging.  As we stated in our previous blog that outlined tips and tricks for maintaining a youthful appearance for winter, common knowledge dictates that the Sun has harmful UV rays that can really damage your skin and that is something that many don't take to heart.  This means, if you are constantly working on a tan, outdoors in the Sun, or just not an avid user of sunblock, you are likely adding damage to your skin over time.  This can result in sun spots, discoloration, and other skin problems.

That's not to say there's nothing to worry about if you are in a traditionally cold climate.  Instead of developing a tough skin, it can actually create the appearance of a thin and less elastic texture.  Thus giving way to the dreaded wrinkles.  This is due to extreme hot or cold environments that cause the skin to lose its natural oils, affecting elasticity and creating an aged look.  That said, it's best to maintain hydration and moisturization through our CBD Topicals.


While CBD does not have a direct effect on the skin in this area, the inclusion of several organic ingredients within our CBD Topicals help to further enhance the restorative properties that lead to a healthy-looking skin. For example, our CBD Aloe Vera is an after-sun ointment designed to help your body hydrate and retain moisture, leveraging our proprietary Full Spectrum CBD to enhance those effects.


Ever have a restless night and get up looking, and feeling, haggard?  Lack of sleep can play a huge part in your appearance and how your body responds to age.  One bad night and already, you're looking at dark circles, puffy eyes, and fine lines for the day. Over time, this effect can be exacerbated if you are constantly deprived of sleep.  This can also contribute to a decrease in energy levels and an almost-guaranteed increase in stress levels.

Stress is another variable that can quickly age a person.  Anxiety, constant worry, exhaustion, an overactive mind, and more can take a toll on the body.  During and immediately after stressful times, the signs of "wear and tear" showcase themselves through lines on your face.  For a lot of people, these are the two areas that are most likely to contribute to aging.

Self-care is paramount for this reason.  If you are constantly firing on all cylinders, depriving yourself of sleep and much-needed rest, never taking a beat to slow down and relax, your body does not have a chance to recharge.


When it comes to insomnia and stress, CBD is a perfect alternative to consider.  It is something that is used to directly combat either or both of these issues and many individuals that found that introducing the compound can drastically improve their situation.  If melatonin or other sleep aids do not help, CBD may be something to try.  Consider our CBD Sleep Essential Oil Roll-On, consisting of Full Spectrum CBD and lavender essential oil to deliver a one-and-done relaxing feeling to usher in a calmer mindset; thus giving way to an inviting feeling of rest.


When it comes to self-care and aging, it is better to think of it in a proactive, preventative care type of way than to search for a miracle cure to "undo" damage that is already there.  That said, there is no substitute better than a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, and a great skin care routine.  While that can be difficult to maintain, there are several factors that can work against your favor when it comes to aging.  CBD won't directly address any superficial issues with your skin, but it can target the areas that add to premature aging.  Furthermore, it can also enhance the positive effects of any routines you introduce to your life.

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