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Everything You Need to Know About CBD Essential Oils

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Essential Oils


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Within the last few years, the topic of essential oils has grown more trendy and mainstream. It has become an especially popular topic when it comes to holistic living. But if you think about what essential oils are, you’ll come to realize that they’ve actually been around for a long time. At a very high level, essential oils are extracts and concentrates from plants that retain their natural compounds. Because plants have different properties and benefits, you can find essential oils for just about everything.

Historically, in ancient civilizations all over the world, there are a number of rituals, cultural traditions, and at-home remedies that stem from plant-based extracts. These uses range from healthcare to food prep to aromatherapy to beauty! With so many things in our current culture slathered with synthetic chemicals and additives, organic, natural, holistic products have slowly resurfaced. Which is likely the reason you are only just beginning to hear about essential oils in the last few years.

Because plants have different scents and compounds, the range of uses and benefits are dependent on the plant itself. On the other hand, this also means there are essential oils for just about everything. In fact, there are probably close to 100 different types of essential oils available today. Although the most popular usage is in aromatherapy, essential oils can be utilized for other functions such as cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, and even emotional wellbeing. There are countless benefits and use cases for various essential oils.


At a high level, essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that retain the beneficial compounds and scents from the plant. Because of the concentration, most essential oils have a stronger scent than the plant itself and higher potency due to the sheer amount of plant matter that is needed to create essential oil.

The popularity for essential oils can be attributed to the fact that they are natural and offer an alternative to synthetic, manufactured products. More than that, because each has a unique chemical makeup, there is a wide range of benefits depending on the plant. When properly extracted and processed, there is now growing support and research that indicate essential oils can be safely used for natural health benefits, physically, mentally, and emotionally.


There are so many essential oils out there, each with their own unique properties. However, the most popular ones are ones you’ve probably heard of. This is because there is a correlation with the use cases and needs. For example, lavender essential oil and peppermint oil are two of the most popular oils. Whether you’ve used it personally or not, you’ve likely seen it in stores or in other products. Below is a breakdown of common ailments and the associating essential oil remedies.


In the fast paced world that we live in today, one of the most common complaints is stress levels. It’s no wonder that a few of the most essential oils are lavender, sandalwood, and rose. Lavender has been attributed to reducing stress levels, sandalwood has been attributed to calming nerves, and rose has been attributed to relieving anxiety. While these essential oils can be utilized in diffusers or roll-ons for aromatherapy, they can also be incorporated into other products to take advantage of the benefits.

Designed to stay on top of your game, regardless of the daily stresses life throws at you, our CBD Immunity Essential Oil is formulated with 100MG of Full Spectrum CBD and orange essential oil is designed to detoxify the body and lessen the severity of stress and anxiety.


A bad headache or migraine can really ruin your day. Although there are a number of over-the-counter medications and prescription based drugs that can address headaches and migraines, there are also essential oils that can alleviate the issue. For those who tend to avoid medication, essential oils offer a natural alternative.

Soothe away discomfort on a cool note with the Envy CBD Relief Essential Oil Roller. Formulated with peppermint essential oil and 100mg of Full Spectrum CBD, the sharp, cool bite wakes up those senses to provide a long-lasting experience of relief!


Sometimes we may find ourselves feeling particularly down. Or tired. Low energy and bad moods can severely impact our quality of life. Yet another set of popular essential oils exist to address these areas in our life. Rose essential oil is one of the most common ones and used to boost energy levels. Lavender is known to induce relaxation and improve your overall mood. Jasmine is frequently used to help with depression (and even libido).

Envy CBD's Focus Essential Oil Roll-On delivers an increase in productivity, motivation, and energy to not only stay alert but to dominate whatever you set out to do. Formulated with rose essential oil and Full Spectrum CBD, feelings of anxiety are washed away with ease!

Achieving a deeper, more restful sleep just got easier with Envy CBD's Sleep Essential Oil Roller. Infused with lavender essential oil and 100mg of Full Spectrum CBD, this roll-on applicator provides a wash of calm, relaxation, and peace designed to help the body adjust to a full night's rest.


Because of the wide offering of essential oils and essential oil infused products, it is crucial to do research before making any purchase. Natural does not always mean safe. And with some vendors, purity can be in question. The effects of essential oils can be dampened if the oils have additives or synthetic oils. With this in mind, it is crucial that the brand has a strong reputation of high-quality products regardless of what you are purchasing.

This goes for companies or vendors that utilize essential oils in their products as well. If high quality oil is not used, it can 100% affect the final product. For example, it is cheaper to package oils in plastic. And some mass manufacturers may opt to do this. The risk is that oils can dissolve the plastic and the plastic can contaminate the oil. This would affect the quality of the oil, and the quality of the product it is used in.

There are other nuances like unfiltered light that can also cause certain oils to spoil. The vendor or company purchasing pure essential oil should have all of this knowledge and understanding when procuring ingredients. For that reason, make sure a business is trustworthy and transparent about their process before committing to their products. Read reviews and look for information on their supply chain.

Envy CBD takes a lot of pride in carefully sourcing only the best organic ingredients available on the market, including essential oils. In fact, our product offering only contains CBD, organic essential oils, and organic coconut oil bases. We are very open about all the ingredients we use and want our customers to be educated!


Understanding the full breakdown of the ingredients in any product you are about to use is very important. For example, if something is advertised as lavender essential oil, but is actually impure, it can contain other oils that one is actually allergic to. Any side effects associated with the additive oil can surface.

Furthermore, impurities can also include pesticides and insecticides. This is why we stress using only organic essential oils. While distillation typically removes these harmful chemicals from the essential oils, it is always a safer bet to go organic. When a plant is grown organically, there is no need to worry about any artificial chemicals. While this is more costly, it ensures no pesticides or residual chemicals are in the essential oils.

To commit to a high quality product, we firmly believe it is crucial to commit to high quality ingredients. With the numerous benefits that essential oils offer, we continue to incorporate them in our labs to bring our customers the best experience and the best collection of products.


Essential oils have a lot of unique benefits for the mind and body. Dating back to early civilizations, the practice of using herbs/plants for their various properties has always been very common. As technology and science become more advanced, we begin to understand more about the various properties that each plant brings.

Plant extracts and plant-based products are in no way new. However, with any trending or growing industry, there are good products and there are bad products. The advantage of utilizing essential oils is the variety. There is practically an essential oil for every use case. The most popular essential oils are correlated with the most common ailments including stress, anxiety, mood stability, energy, headaches, and physical discomfort.

We’ve already known that CBD in particular has a wide range of healing properties as well. The addition of CBD to beneficial essential oils actually works very well together. CBD enhances the effects of the essential oil. This is a big reason why we take such care to source high quality essential oils to use in our product offering.

In fact, we take a fully “farm-to-table” manufacturing approach and believe in single-origin. This means we have full control of the cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing process to ensure that all our products maintain the highest-quality standards. Whether it is Envy or a different company, it is crucial to be educated and do your research before purchasing any products. Trustworthy brands will be very open and transparent about their supply chain, and “behind-the-scenes” processes.

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