Determining the Best CBD Wellness Products for Your Furry Friends

March 22, 2022 6 min read

Determining the Best CBD Wellness Products for Your Furry Friends

CBD has been on the market for several years at this point, so it might seem like everyone's talking about it these days.  Countless brands boast they offer the best CBD products for beauty, skincare, wellness, and more.  Since all mammals have an endocannabinoid system that can reap the benefits of CBD, there are quite a few options for seriously elevating the wellness routines for your pets.

In a crowd of brands all marketing that they're the best, though, how would one determine which is honest?  This guide aims to help you identify high-quality CBD pet products yourself.  You'll gain an understanding of how to read product labels and learn how CBD affects your furry friends and family.  Let's dive into how to find the best CBD for your pets!


A first (and reasonable) question for some might be - does it even work?  Does CBD work for pets?

Well, the short answer is yes, CBD really does work.  And that's because just about everything has an endocannabinoid system.  Every living creature, from vertebrates like mammals, fish, reptiles, and birds to invertebrates, (nematodes, leeches, sea urchins, mussels, and more).  The endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a key role in helping the body maintain homeostasis in many other bodily functions.  Homeostasis is the self-regulating process our bodies use to maintain the conditions that keep us alive and functions.  So, you could say it's a pretty big deal.

An even bigger deal is the fact that CBD and other cannabinoids can interact with the ECS.  Many cannabidiol clinical trials use rats as subjects.  As a result, scientists have a good idea as to what the hemp compound provides for certain animals.  So, yes, CBD does work pets.  Only the best CBD pet products, however, have the potential to level-up their ECS in a way that benefits them in the long haul.  


The follow-up question when pet owners discover that CBD does, in fact, work, is: what can it do?  What potential benefits can you pet enjoy by incorporating CBD into their daily routine?  For starters, when your pet consumes CBD, it gets processed through their ECS.  And since it helps the body maintain homeostasis, it impacts various other bodily functions.  These include digestion, appetite, sleep, skin health, immune function, and more.  In fact, CBD may:

However, it's important to note that not all CBD products are created the same.  Only the best CBD for pets will have the possibility of providing these benefits over a long and consistent period of time.  Likewise, every pet is different.  You may discover that your pets experience different positive effects by incorporating CBD into their wellness routines.  What works for one pet may require something entirely new for another.


Getting down to an individual basis - does yourpet even need CBD?  We established that CBD does work, and we look at its possible benefits.  With all the positive properties it can provide, many pet owners would agree that it's worth giving a try.

Remember - every pet is different.  You'll  need to let you own pet try CBD to see how they respond to it.

Fortunately, its adverse side effects are few and far between.  Cannabidiol being inherently non-psychoactive, incorporation of it won't intoxicate or inhibit your pet in such a way that you'd experience getting stoned on your own.  They might experience, at its worst, an increased level of thirst, so be sure to keep water handy for them.

No matter what benefit your pet may resonate with the most, the goal is for your pet's overall well-being and daily life to improve markedly.  We believe the best CBD for pets can do just that.  So, does your pet even need CBD?  There's no harm in finding out!  Your dog, cat, horse, or other animal friends may find comfort in a CBD supplemental routine!


There are many steps to ensuring you've found a quality CBD product for your pet.  First, we want to touch on what to look for in the best CBD products for your pets.  Alongside our tips, we'll be sure to mention things to steer clear of when you start shopping for those perfect products.  Let's look at some questions you should be able to answer from a brand to understand their level of quality.


Every CBD extract must be legally derived from an industrial hemp plant.  Therefore the quality of the hemp for the extract matters.  The best CBD for pets comes from organic, USA-grown industrial hemp, free of pesticides, chemicals, and other harsh compounds that shouldn't be present anyways.

Not to boast, but the hemp we use in all Envy CBD products are grown responsibly in our farms across Minnesota.  Our farms all use pesticide-free, organic and sustainable practices.  Tender love and care, along with nourishing natural sunlight, our hemp is grown into massive, beautiful, and healthy hemp plants to be then extracted for its cannabinoid-rich Full Spectrum CBD and manufactured into a wide array of different, function-based CBD products - of which include CBD products for your pets.


If a company doesn't provide third-party lab testing for its products, see that as an immediate red flag.  Unfortunately, not providing these reports when asked or having them readily available before you make a purchase is a common practice for CBD companies.  Presently, there are no formal regulations or guidelines in place for ensuring CBD product quality meets safe standards.

Instead, look for a brand that tests its products in batches through a third-party lab.  Third-party lab testing helps to eliminate bias and spotlight accuracy.  Testing in batches helps to further ensure consistency across all product batches.  Put the two together, and you have an accurate, consistent product that's safe for your pet.  The best CBD for pets will make it easy to answer this question.

Envy CBD stands proudly by our products, so we provide third-party lab tests with each and every one of them.  You can check the report for your pet's product's lab results by following the instructions on the product label.  We make it easy for you to prove our work and the effort we put into the end products!


Finally, certifications matter.  Not every brand will be willing to jump through the many compliance hoops in place.  It's unlikely many of these brands are future-proof, however.

Fortunately for you, we as a company have already jumped through the several compliance hoops to ensure all of our products are not just cultivated responsibly, but manufactured with the same attention-to-detail in mind.  Our facilities are cGMP-certified, ISO-9001-certifed, and FDA approved according to the agency's Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).  This not only guarantees that all of our products are manufactured in safe and controlled environments, but the brand is also future-proofed in the sense that as regulations start to slowly make themselves available, we are in a better position to adjust our standard operating procedures and scale with the changing guidelines.  Thus further allowing access to our products for years down the road.


Again, every pet is different.  It's important to look at the product variety a brand offers.  At Envy, we're proud to offer not just CBD Dog Treats, but also a pet-safe tincture oil.  We feel by offering two pet-safe CBD products, you as a pet owner, have more opportunities to decide how you significantly improve your pet's wellness.  The CBD Dog Treats, for example, are great for every dog owner.  But what about cats?  They still love the flavor of bacon, so our CBD Pet Tincture comes in handy.  Other animal friends that enjoy the taste might have some fun with the tincture oil, too.  Once you find their ideal serving size, drop it directly into their mouth or mix it with their food.  They may start feeling the difference in a matter of minutes!

Designed with your pet in mind, we aim to be the brand that offer the best CBD for pets.  That's something we proudly accomplish through our detailed, batch lab reports and superb ingredients, and extracts from USA-grown hemp.  Try one of our CBD Pets collection products today for your animal friend to see how we stand out!

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