How to Add CBD to Your Favorite Food & Drinks

How to Add CBD to Your Favorite Food & Drinks

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, has now made waves in the health and wellness market for a handful of years.  Through positive responses from consumers, manufacturers and brands continue to produce a more diverse variety of CBD products.  From makeup to beverages, everything can be infused with our favorite cannabinoid.  And what's more, that infusion can improve the overall concoction. When it comes to food, though, you may not yet know about cooking with CBD.

In this guide, we want to go over all the ins and outs of the process.  There's a lot to love about CBD, and learning how to add it to your favorite food and drinks can make it that much more enjoyable.  Let's dive into the different benefits and methods to use for cooking with CBD.


If the CBD is an oil, gummy, capsule, topical, or most other forms, it's already been through its decarboxylation process.  Decarboxylation is what activates from within cannabinoids and other hemp compounds.  it's the process that converts CBDa to the CBD we can consume and enjoy.  Without decarboxylation, the CBDa would not produce effects.

Since the cannabinoid has been through the decarboxylation process, you'd want to avoid heating the cannabinoid.  Thus eliminating the need of cooking the CBD oil.  Simply add it to already-made food - savory or sweet.


The next point is pretty self-explanatory.  To make the most out of the CBD being added to your food or drinks, you'd want to use CBD oil that comes from a reputable brand.  We're talking about brands that invest their time and energy into making top-notch products with the test reports detailing exactly what is and is not in there to back it up.  Is that reputable brand Envy CBD?  We think so, and the thousands of people we consistently help think so too!

As important as choosing a reputable brand to source your CBD oil from is, product selection is paramount to that.  While our CBD Gel Capsules are might convenient, they don't make for a good medium to infuse in your food.  You want to be strategic about the type of CBD product you use for this.  Instead, we'd recommend our CBD Tinctures!  Just be sure to match or compliment the flavor of the tincture with your dish!


It's a benefit to be able to control how much CBD is going into your food and drinks.  It can, however, also prove to be a curse should you add too much!  Fortunately, there aren't any severe adverse symptoms if you take an accidental abundance of the hemp compound.  Sure, you might experience some mild effects such as drowsiness or dry mouth, but it's nothing too bad to call up any extra help over.  And again, that's only if you take far more than is needed.  The best ay to avoid this entirely is to start with a low dose and slowly work your way up to a level that works best for you!


This is, understandably, a common next question.  How much should you add when you're cooking with CBD if you are following the "start low and progress slow" approach?  It is important to remember that everyone is different, so you'll need to find your happy medium between what you want to take and how much your body can actually handle.  This is precisely where experimentation shines!

Start with a low dose - maybe half a dropper of your premium CBD Tincture flavor of choice.  See how you feel after about 40 minutes.  If you didn't feel anything this time around, increase your serving size for the next item.  Ideally, you'll want to try again the next day at about the same time.  Increase by three-to-five milligrams each attempt until you find the dosage that hits you just right!

Another good rule of thumb is to attempt around one milligram per ten pounds of body weight.  So you'd take a twenty-five milligram dose if you weight 250 pounds.  Our CBD Tinctures provide approximately 16mg, the perfect serving size for someone using this method who weighs 160 pounds.


You can make a CBD-infused drink or treat that outshines the ones on the market, making it an infinitely unique and superior option.  Cooking with CBD is simply the act of infusing cannabidiol into food or a drink.  That means you've got more options, overall.  And of course, should you find yourself not wanting or willing to whip yourself up a fresh dish on your own, there are always options such as our CBD Gummies to deliver that much-needed dose of CBD without the hassle of cooking!

It's Convenient

One of the most prominent pro's of infusing CBD oil into your food and drinks is its convenience.  Gone are the days of waiting for your CBD edibles or ready-made drinks to arrive in the mail.  This goes without saying, however, the thrill of actually receiving your package ready to go would be the con.  Unwrapping packages can provide some of that sweet serotonin for some people.

You can, however, still get to enjoy unwrapping the CBD oil you got in the mail - so are you really even missing out?  Overall,  cooking with CBD yourself is certainly more convenient!

It's Cost-Effective

CBD-infused drinks on the market can be expensive.  An affordable alternative is to simply get a CBD Tincture and make the drink yourself.  It doubles in efficacy over cost by extending just how many CBD beverages you can make.  Oftentimes, brands will sell a CBD-infused drink individually.  Adding in oil to your own beverage creations means you're stretch out the overall quantity!  That's a savings many people can get behind.

You are in Full Control

You only get so much control with pre-packaged CBD edibles and drinks.  Sure, you can limit or fraction off your serving size.  Although, it is worth noting that there isn't a way to increase the potency of each bite or sip.  For those of us who need a little more umpf, cooking with CBD becomes a tempting suggestion.  Emphasize the cannabidiol in your drink or food item when your discover it's time to up your dosage.  The control is entirely in your hands!


We know now that tinctures are the best product to use when cooking with CBD.  Although to be more specific, we want to narrow in on the Full Spectrum CBD oil.  Instead of relying on isolates or even broad spectrum CBD products, we want to highlight the importance of using Full Spectrum.  Full Spectrum or Full Plant extract CBD helps to preserve all the hemp compounds possible.  Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures allow users to take complete advantage of the cannabinoid's potential therapeutic qualities.

And more than just a single hemp compound, Full Spectrum CBD oils contain other cannabinoid, terpenes, and flavonoids.  All of which, together, can work with CBD to stimulate an "entourage effect."  The entourage effect is the synergy of cannabis compounds working together to provide better, more impactful benefits.  In short, Full Spectrum CBD oils are the best to add to food and drinks.


There are many methods when it comes to consuming cannabis and cannabis products.  you can smoke it, vape it, or apply it topically to your skin. With softgels, you can even sqallow it and move with your day.

Now, any food and drink can turn into a consumption method for CBD.  A bonus is that cooking with CBD helps hide the taste of the oil itself.  While some users aren't fans of the hemp after taste, some CBD oils may leave, it's just one of the many reasons we offer flavored CBD Tinctures only.  Double-mask the taste by then adding the flavored oil into your favorite beverage!

You can combine, mix and match flavors to discover your all-time favorite blend.  All the while, you'll be getting a healthy serving of CBD oil into the bloodstream daily.  That sounds like a win-win to us!


It's time we dive into infusing your own food and drink with CBD.  Don't be scared!  We're here to help you feel confident and prepared for the endeavor.  When using a high-quality product, you can reap the benefits of CBD even when it's diluted into something else.

Not every type of CBD product is equal when it comes to cooking with CBD.  Which begs the question: where can you get high-quality CBD oil?  We don't mean to brag, but we're certainly ready to explain why you'd want to choose Envy CBD.  Our Full Spectrum CBD is 100% pesticide-free, GMO-free, contains less than 0.3% THC, and is available in all 50 states.

We also have flavors that can makes waves in your cooking with CBD experience.  Imagine this: it's time to make a CBD-infused beverage for the morning. You can add in the CBD Orange Tincture Oil for an extra bit of zest.  Overall wellness and wakefulness has never tasted so good.

Or, maybe you're diving into a fruity dessert.  Once it's cooled, some Double Apple CBD oil on top is sure to knock it our of the park.  Crisp and ultra-satisfying, it can bring together a dish exceptionally well!  Or, if you're a bit more adventurous than that, everyone can love a diverse, festive salad.  The more ingredients and toppings, the better!  Add in a generous helping of the Strawberry Watermelon Tincture into your dressing and you've got yourself a game changer!  You might even blend the oil into your dressing before tossing for a more even spread!

have you ever tried cooking with CBD before?  Were you impressed, or was the experience lack-luster?  We hope our guide can help you amp up your infusion game.  Let us know what end up being your favorite way to add CBD into your favorite food or beverage!

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