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CBD on Pain Management: Gout

CBD on Pain Management: Gout

Anyone that's had to experience gout understands how painful, uncomfortable, and sometimes, debilitating the condition can be.

While there are both over-the-counter and prescriptions pain medications to deal with some of the pain, this rarely tackles the inflammation and other symptoms behind the pain.  Likewise, many people are hesitant to use or simply can't use painkillers because of its potentially adverse side effects.

This leaves patients with gout in a tough spot - either unable to utilize painkillers due to unwanted side effects or suffering through the risks to have the pain blocked, but no other symptoms tackled.  Fortunately, the recent widespread popularity of CBD across the nation has created a potential alternative.

CBD oil is becoming well-known for its use in various types of pain management, including that of Arthritis, Bursitis, and other types of back pain.  What we'll discuss today is CBD oil's role in relieving the pain symptoms associated with gout.


Gout is a common, though complex, form of arthritis, typically caused by uric acid level in the body exceeding a particular amount.  Gout is triggered when uric acid inside the joints crystallize, which causes severe pain and swelling. 

Evidence suggests that gout may increase the risk of diabetes, heart attack, and may be associated with metabolic syndrome.  This syndrome is a group of health conditions that are most frequently characterized by blood fat issues, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and obesity.

As the obesity epidemic in the U.S. grows ever larger, paired with growing hypertension across the nation, the risk for gout will only continue to rise.  However, there are some things that may be able to help not only combat pain caused by gout, but other symptoms of the condition, such as inflammation.  Even as a mood stabilizer, it may help to ease emotions that can run rampant when faced with such a condition.

Here's the the big thing about gout - you may have it without even realizing it.  As it only causes pain during flare-ups, many people face gout for months or years before the symptoms are severe enough to see a doctor about them.  You may face minor symptoms that relate to gout already.  There are four stages of gout, and many can stay in the first stage of building uric acid that crystallizes before  moving on to the second stage, which is the first initial gout attack.


Before we can look at whether CBD oil could help with gout pain management, we must first look at the most common symptoms gout patients face.  If you haven't already been diagnosed with gout or another form of arthritis, having a large mix of these symptoms may urge you to see a doctor.

limited range of motion

As the condition begins to progress, range of motion in your joints may become less fluid.  Many patients find they're not able to move their feet, toes, or joints as they might normally.

inflammation and redness

One of the most common and bothersome symptoms, the joints affected by gout can become inflamed.  In this state, they are typically tender, swollen, and may feel warm or appear red.

intense joint pain

Paired with inflammation is usually the intense joint pain that victims of gout become familiar with.  While gout can occur in any joint throughout the body, it's most common for it to affect the big toe's larger joints, followed by fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, and the ankles.  A severe form of arthritis pain, it is most intense between 4 and 12 hours after the pain starts.

lingering or continuous discomfort

Unfortunately, the pain sometimes doesn't completely subside.  In the days or weeks following a flare up, there may be some joint discomfort.  As more attacks occur, the discomfort that lingers is likely to affect more joints and last longer.

We recommend seeking a medical health professional if you experience two or more of these symptoms simultaneously; however, we don't pretend to make medical claims or provide advice.  You and your doctor know your health better than our guide should.

how can cbd help with gout pain management?

Cannabis is no stranger to helping people with pain management.  As far back as 2900 BCE, we have records of Chinese civilizations utilizing cannabis for medicinal purposes, including joint pain.  Since gout is a form of arthritis that focuses on joint pain and inflammation, it may be possible that cannabis or a derivative of it may help to ease inflammatory pain.

The derivative of cannabis we're focused on is CBD oil, which can also contain other minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.  In a 2015 clinical trial, researchers determined that transdermal cannabidiol reduced pain-related behaviors and inflammation in rat models.  While this isn't exact data for the same effects of human models, it does gives us an inside look at the potential CBD oil has to relieve a variety of arthritic symptoms.

This trial also brought about the point that current arthritis treatments often have adverse side effects.  CBD appears to have very minimal side effects, attenuating inflammation and pain with no adverse reaction.

Topically applying CBD avoids first pass metabolism and skips the gastrointestinal administration method.  It also provides more constant plasma levels.  Fortunately, placing our CBD oil under the tongue can increase its bioavailability even when ingested orally, so you don't have to rely on a topical CBD product if you don't wish to.

To tack on further studies, we look at a 2018 comprehensive clinical review in which researchers explore pre-clinical and advanced clinical trials specifically on inflammation and pain treatment through the use of cannabidiol.  The review saw that there is heavy potential for CBD to aid in pain relief from inflammatory conditions, including gout and other forms of arthritis.  While future direction and reporting should be considered, we're excited at the stacking evidence thus far that shows so much promise in CBD's corner.


As we mentioned, many people may go un-diagnosed with gout for months or years before it can be found, typically, only when examined at the height of a gout attack.  however, there are some measure you can take to forestall or even prevent gout attacks, even if you have the condition for it runs in your family line.

lose weight

Obesity and being overweight may have a direct correlation with gout.  Weight loss improves the functionality of all body systems, so its makes sense that it could stop gout in its tracks.

exercise regularly

Stasis, not staying active, and not participating in regular exercise can impact a lot across your body.  Putting a focus on how active you are throughout the day can help your joints stay fluid, flexible, and strong.

how often should i take cbd for gout symptoms?

Everyone is different, so the amount of CBD you'll want to take varies from person-to-person.  However, consistency is key when it comes to cannabidiol, so you should start at a minimum of a 1/2 serving per day if you are new to CBD and one full serving per day if you're familiar.

For our CBD oil, you can apply it directly under your tongue, let it absorb for up to 60 seconds, then swallow the rest.  This may help ease discomfort and manage symptoms over time - just remember, it will take a certain period before you notice real results from CBD.  The way you feel the first time you take CBD is typically a far mood away from how you'll feel after 4 weeks of consistent use.

Incorporating CBD into your daily routine is one of the best ways we can recommend helping ease or tackle more than one symptom caused from gout.

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