CBD for Skincare

CBD for Skincare

With Summer quickly approaching, the temperature is rising and our bodies are constantly working to adapt to the change in climate.  Whether you are the type to soak up the Sun or actively avoid it - we are all exposed in one way or another.  Our skin is our biggest protector and it is so important to take care of your precious vessel!  For most, moisturizing ourselves is key throughout the change of seasons and our day-to-day routine isn't complete without a generous helping of Envy CBD included into the mix.

Envy offers a variety of oils, soft chews, topicals, and body lotion, but we want to give our readers a closer look at the high-quality, cruelty-free, skin care products we have developed.  We want you to know more about the products available to help you nourish, moisturize, and keep your skin feeling fresh all-year-long without using any ingredients that can be harsh or harmful to your skin.

Let's roll back a bit in case we lost you and you are wondering what exactly CBD means.  CBD, better known as cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive component derived from cannabis, more commonly known as marijuana.  In layman's terms, it's the part of the plant that will NOT get you high.  That's right, when you extract the cannabidiol, you can reap its benefits without the mind-altering high you would normally experience with other THC-rich cannabis products!  Both cannabis and hemp are magical plants and when its components are broken down, they can be used for a variety of different, and equally-beneficial things.

Our Topicals

Our Topical line is the perfect combination of natural beauty care, and the wondrous properties of Full Spectrum CBD.  Our CBD skincare collection aims to help aide in making you feel great about your body and most importantly, your skin.  With our premium, Full Spectrum Face Cream, we strive to revitalize yur face and lessen visible aging, reduce pain, and soothe muscle aches and more.  Combining a plethora of organic ingredients and Full Spectrum CBD, this cream has be said to minimize crows' feet, lighten up dark circles under your eyes after a long night, and even soften lines from your glowing smiles!

We also have the perfect moisturizing agent that is to be applied to the entire body to work in tandem with our Face Cream, our Body Lotion ensures your body, and most importantly, your skin is always feeling moisturized among all its other benefits.  This green apple-scented topical ointment can be used as an everyday lotion or utilized as a fast-acting, Full Spectrum balm to alleviate localized pain.  Aside from smelling delicious, you will look and feel delicious too.

We are continuously focused on bringing our customers the finest quality products for the finest quality feel.  We want you to be fresh and comfortably in your skin and know that these ethically sourced ingredients are helping heal your overworked skin on a deeper level.  Who wouldn't want to look and feel younger, all while using harm-free beauty products?

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