Can You Use CBD to Encourage Hair Growth?

May 25, 2022 6 min read

CBD Lavender Shampoo Bar

You may already use CBD to help you relax and to encourage better wellness functions across the board; but did you know that you can also leverage the power of CBD oil for hair growth?

I know, I know.  Another incredible benefit of CBD you need to learn now?  We're keeping you busy!

CBD has various benefits thanks to how it can interact with the receptors in your body.  While it's primarily known for its calming effects and potential to encourage a heightened sense of wellness, recent research shows that it may be helpful for both your skin and hair, too!  Whether you're experiencing hair loss or want to help your hair grow healthier, CBD may be an excellent, holistic option to consider.  We'll dive into why introducing CBD into your hair care routine is an excellent idea.  Plus, we'll share our recommendations for the best CBD oils for hair growth.


Before we chat about the benefits of CBD for hair growth, let's first discuss hair loss and hair shedding.  Despite the two terms being used interchangeably, there is a difference!

Hair Loss is when something stops the hair from growing.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a few common causes of hair loss include:

  • Certain drugs and medical treatments (like chemotherapy)
  • Hereditary hair loss (like androgenic alopecia)
  • Harsh hair products
  • Certain immune system disorders
  • Hair-pulling compulsions

If you are experiencing hair loss, your hair will not start growing until the issue stops.  For example, if you are undergoing chemotherapy or taking a medication that causes hair loss, you likely won't experience hair regrowth until you are off of chemotherapy.

There may, however, be a few treatment options that could help stimulate hair growth.  Depending on the cause of your hair loss, there may be options (like CBD) that could potentially slow the hair loss.  Research has shown that CBD may be an effective treatment for alopecia.  Or, for example, if you choose to use CBD in place of certain hair hair products, you may notice a marked, overall improvement in your hair health.

Hair Shedding is normal.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it's normal to lose between 50 to 100 strands daily.  However, if your body sheds significantly more hair than that, it's considered excessive hair shedding.  Excessive hair shedding is common for people who have recently:

  • Experienced high-stress situations (like losing a job, divorce, death of a loved one)
  • Lost more than 20 pounds
  • Given birth
  • Been sick, especially if they had a high fever
  • Had a surgery
  • Stopped taking certain birth-control medications

If you've noticed more hair piling up in your hairbrush, on your pillow, and in the shower than usual, you may be experiencing excessive hair shedding.  In most cases, your body will adjust over time, and the shedding will go back to an average amount.  But if the stressor stays with you, the hair shedding can be a long-term ordeal.  Nevertheless, most hair shedding stops on  its own.  After a while, the hair tends to regain normal fullness.  Should you want to try an all-natural alternative that may help decrease shedding in the meantime, using CBD oil for hair growth might be a good idea.  We'll discuss how CBD might help in the sections below.


Using CBD oil for your hair may be a good idea if you are dealing with hair loss or excessive hair shedding.  CBD can be beneficial for several reasons, including possibly managing symptoms related to stress, inflammation, and better skin on your scalp.  Let's discuss the research behind how CBD can help promote hair growth.  Here are a few of the ways CBD can help.


As we mentioned above, one of the most common reasons for excessive hair shedding is stress.  Stressful situations, like losing your job, caring for a sick loved one, or dealing with relationship issues can cause your hair to fall out excessively.

Research shows that CBD has the potential to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety associated with sleep problems.  By regularly taking CBD, people can potentially fall asleep and stay asleep more often than not.

Although we need more research before we can definitively say that CBD can lower anxiety, the research that we do have looks very promising.


This recent study found that CBD may be valuable in regenerating lost hair, especially for men with androgenetic alopecia.  This study shows the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a considerable role in regenerating follicle cells in your roots.

The ECS is a network of chemical signals and cellular receptors present throughout our entire body.  The ECS is the system that allows our bodies to utilize cannabinoids like CBD.  When CBD enters the body, it interacts with the receptors in the ECS, causing a variety of beneficial actions to take place.  Researchers have discovered several ECS cannabinoid CB1 receptors present in hair follicle growth.  Plus, CBD may maintain the anagen phase of the hair cycle.  Let's put that into simpler terms for those of us who haven't studied hair growth extensively.  The anagen phase is considered the active phase of hair growth - it's when the cells in the root of the hair are dividing rapidly.

A study was done with 25 subjects with androgenetic alopecia who used a daily topical CBD hemp oil.  The results revealed a statistically significant 93.5% increase in harr growth in 6 months.  Men showed more improvement than women, but all subjects experienced a degree of hair regrowth.  Studies have shown that CBD may get to the root of the problem (pun intended) when it comes to hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia.


Here at Envy CBD, we have various CBD products that may help you meet your hair-care needs.  You can opt for a topical product that can be used directly on the scalp, like our shampoo bars.  Or, if you'd rather take CBD orally, our tincture oils and gel capsules are great options.  Here are a few of our top CBD products for hair growth:


Shampoo bars are not only better for the environment, but they're also a rejuvenating and fun way to wash your hair.

Our CBD Tea Tree Shampoo bar helps to remove dead skin cells, oils, and product buildup on your scalp to promote stronger and healthier hair.  It cleanses and moisturizes while the CBD works to encourage hair growth.

And if you want to up the relaxation factor during your showers, the CBD Lavender Shampoo Bar is for you.  This formula eases itchiness and irritation while moisturizing and promoting hair growth.  Plus, the soothing scent of lavender (paired with the infusion of CBD) leaves you feeling relaxed and calm.



CBD oil tinctures are a fantastic way to get your daily dose of CBD.  Taking CBD consistently in the evening may help you sleep better and can help you feel more relaxed and calm.  Improved sleep and decreased anxiety can help to slow both hair loss and shedding.  And since excessive hair shedding is often caused by experiencing higher than normal amounts of stress, CBD may be able to help.

When using one of our Envy CBD oil tinctures, shake well and release half of a dropper of CBD oil into your mouth.  For best results, hold the oil under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing.  You should feel the effects within about 20 minutes.

You can choose between a few different CBD strengths, and you can also choose your favorite flavor.  Our CBD Strawberry Watermelon Tincture is a fan-favorite, especially as Summer is approaching.  The CBD Double Apple Tincture is also highly reviewed for both taste and efficacy.  Last but not least, our CBD Orange Tincture is fresh and full of citrus flavor.


cbd gel capsules

Gel Capsules are another fantastic way to take CBD regularly.  Capsules are a convenient and discreet way for taking CBD on the go.  You get all the calming benefits of CBD in each 25MG capsule.

All of our products and Envy CBD undergo vigorous testing to ensure both quality and efficacy.  We extract our CBD from hemp grown organically in Minnesota.  And our products do not contain Delta-9 THC, so you can experience the benefits of CBD without that all-too-familiar psychoactive "high" feeling.



This study also points out that CBD can be a great option because there aren't reported adverse effects.  Plus, thanks to the way CBD works, it can be used in conjunction with hair growth medications like finasteride and minoxidil.  It may even help those drugs work better.

Ultimately, including CBD into your daily hair-care routine is a safe and effective option.  And thanks to the research we have, CBD looks like a valuable potential treatment for hair growth.  If you want to try an all-natural treatment for hair loss or shedding, consider CBD.

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