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Can CBD Negate or Counteract the Effects of THC?

Can CBD Negate or Counteract the Effects of THC?

The country is slowly gaining access to marijuana either through a medical or recreational program is definitely a reason for celebration.  Regardless of whichever way your thoughts on cannabis access fall onto the spectrum, we at Envy CBD celebrate the right to legally obtain something that has shown great success in anxiety reduction, stress relief, and other physical and psychological ailments. 

The only downside to THC-laden marijuana products is the psychoactive component that comes with it. 

As both medical and recreational cannabis is legalized from state-to-state, and only a matter of time before it's federally reclassified from the DEA's Drug Scheduling, we want our fellow CBD users to know there are some things you can do if you find yourself trying out a little more THC than you bargained for.

Whether you're new to marijuana or you're just having too heavy of a paranoia-driven high, here's the first thing to remember: it's the THC talking, and you're going to be fine. 

If your heart is racing, that's normal too.  We're going to explain what you can do when you take too much THC - and how some Envy CBD might just be able to help.

How to Come Down From Too Much THC

You have five options at your disposal for how to feel better when you've definitely over-medicated on THC.

Done individually, these options will have faster effects than others.  Taken altogether, and you've got yourself a serious antidote for getting yourself back to normal:

  1. Eat it away
  2. Work it off
  3. Sleep it off
  4. Water it down
  5. Use CBD

Eating is something that many cannabis users can say they get the urge to do after they consume THC of any amount. 

Eating the THC high away or at the very least, reducing its intensity is done by metabolizing the cannabinoids at a faster rate than having your body metabolize it on its own. 

Exercise on the other hand, counteracts the stress of a too-high experience by rushing endorphins into the brain. 

Sleeping it off can be achieved by using the often-heavy amount of couch-lock inducing Indica in your preferred strain to effectively knock you out; and dozing off for even 30-minutes can help rejuvenate you. 

Finally, keeping yourself hydrated throughout the entire ordeal speeds up the rate in which metabolization of the THC, thus speeding up the process of returning to normal. 

On top of that, water helps to ground you - which in and of itself, it is crucial to keep yourself hydrated, whether you're high or not.

The first four options, when taken individually or together can take a while to process, thought, which doesn't do you any good in the meantime.

The fifth and often the most effective thing to combat your high is to take a serving or two of CBD. 

Luckily for you, variety works in your favor, as we offer up our THC-high killing products in the form of Soft Chews, Tinctures taken sublingually, and Topicals to be applied to affected areas of your body. 

Whether taken before or after you consume THC, incorporating CBD into the mix can regulate the feeling in which you might be experiencing this high.

Mitigating Over-Medication

A little known fact about Full Spectrum CBD is this: CBD is not only effective retroactively, meaning, CBD is not just a relief tool to help you feel normal after something has happened. 

Full Spectrum CBD works wonders when taken proactively!  In fact, to prevent yourself from over-medicating on too much THC again, you could preemptively take CBD before you consume that edible or smoke that bowl. 

Research and studies indicate that cannabidiol, or CBD, can protect against adverse psychological effects of THC.  CBD is effective in many studies in helping symptoms of anxiety, depression, paranoia, nausea, panic, stress, and other adverse reactions some have experienced with cannabis strains that contain high concentrations of THC.

The Endocannabinoid System is made primarily of CB1 and CB2 receptors that lay across the brain, skin, and throughout the body. 

THC can take up some of these receptors when it's consumed. 

When consuming CBD to counteract THC's effects, the CBD essentially pushes the THC out of the way, leaving you reaping the benefits THC and CBD, without the potentially unwanted psychoactive high that comes with it.

In conclusion, CBD products can come the rescue if you take too much THC. 

We still recommend using CBD in tandem with other methods to feel better; but when it comes to dabbling with standard, THC cannabis, adding CBD into the fray can speak volumes, particularly with our products!


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