Can CBD Help College Students?

Can CBD Help College Students?

Let's face it - higher education isn't just a phase in life that prepares you for adult life.  In fact, it is the phase in life where people experience some of the greatest years in their young adult life.  Living on your own, surrounded by other new and diverse people; it's the perfect combination for personal growth and higher understanding by the time you've completed college.

Pursuing higher education, whether it be university or even a vocational type of endeavor isn't all fun and games.  College itself is a very demanding experience and often leaves many students drained and often experience burning out, overwork, and all-around stress.  Between this and fear of the future, social anxiety, studying for exams and spending nearly every waking hour feeling this can prove detrimental to a student's education path.  Rather than resorting to a coping mechanism that may prove to be unhealthy, we look to incorporating CBD into your daily wellness routine and how its consistent and daily use may prove an essential part of maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and school.

what is cbd?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a hemp-derived product that's been gaining popularity as the year has progressed.  Since its rescheduling on the federal Controlled Substances Act back in 2018, it's only seen a rapid increase in use across the country.  While there is more research needed on the subject, people have already begun to embrace the use of CBD for a variety of reasons, ranging from relief from an ailment to encouraging holistic wellness for the typical person.

When CBD enters the body, its properties interact with the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  Each ECS contains several CB1 and CB2 receptors located all over the body and upon interaction with cannabinoids, including that of CBD, a series of processes occurs that help to regulate the responses to a variety of situations.  At the end of the day, CBD interacting with the ECS should show a positive increase in homeostasis and other health-related functions.

can cbd get you high?

Can CBD get you high?  Inherently, no, it cannot.  CBD, by design, does not possess any psychoactivity, unlike it's close relative, THC.  As long as your CBD products are hemp derived, such as that of Envy CBD, you may rest easy knowing that your academic prowess required of you as a student will not be tarnished thanks to a CBD product.

CBD is also deemed non-addictive according to a comprehensive review on the effects and safety of the compound.  Researchers conclude that even consumed in excess amounts, CBD is neither fatal nor could it be tied to a dependency or risk of abuse.  In other words, it is not possible to "take too much" CBD.

However, ensure you're always buying your CBD products from a reputable CBD company.  Inconsistent or untrustworthy testing can often lead to higher quantities of THC or even lower quantities of CBD than what is advertised.  Likewise, unwanted contaminants or harmful chemicals must be tested to secure both the product's safety and effectiveness.

how does cbd benefit college students?

Given the idea that CBD is a non-addictive and non-psychoactive compound that is not only legal in all 50 states, but also helps literally thousands of people for a variety of things, how beneficial would it be for a college student?

social anxiety relief

The bane of many individual's existence, social anxiety is one of the top ailments' college students must face - whether approaching a crush or speaking in front of class because they have to, it can often cause some serious stress to one's emotional health.  CBD does appear to have relaxing properties and an anxiety-reducing effect that may help provide a peaceful, calmer state of mind.

Incorporating CBD into a wellness routine for someone that suffers from social anxiety may be beneficial in the sense that the symptoms are mitigated to some degree.  For example, consider taking one of our CBD Tinctures.  Within 15 minutes, you should already feel its anxiolytic effects, leaving you in a calmer state of mind. Simply drop its contents under the tongue and hold in mouth for up to 60 seconds for its effects to be felt within minutes.

test anxiety relief

Another form of anxiety that plagues many students is test anxiety.  Even as a university graduate myself, test anxiety has plagued me for a number of years; and given the fact that CBD is now an accepted thing to do, I wish I had access to it as a student.

Test anxiety often occurs when we subconsciously put too much pressure on ourselves to succeed or get the outcome we're looking for.  This often causes our mind to falter, blanking out on any test answers you almost assuredly did have before the anxiety set in.

To calm things down, our CBD Gummies may do the trick!  Given it's relatively low bioavailability, we recommend taking a couple Gummies right as you wake up and get ready for the day.  By the time test time rolls around, your body should already be experiencing the effects associated with a calmer and sharper mind.

mental and emotional wellness

It is not uncommon to see a college student's life become impacted due to the heavy toll the school demands.  The combination of overwhelming classes with never-ending studying, parental expectations, and thoughts on what the future holds can cause stress, depression, anxiety, and even panic attacks.

Not only does cannabidiol work to promote general wellness and overall health, but it has properties that may be able to help calm the mind, re-calibrate thinking, and prevent students from spiraling down a negative thought process.

general pain relief

Even as young adults, college students begin to experience some of their first real waves of chronic pain, from joint or muscle pain to injuries they may make along the way.  Maintaining a fit mental and physical physique is no small task, but it's good to know CBD might be able to help on the matter.  Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and interaction with the receptors in the brain that are responsible for pain perception, CBD may help relieve a variety of different types of pain.

improve sleep habits

Finally, a college student's sleep schedule is often a nightmare (pun definitely intended).  A consistent sleep schedule throughout a college career is nothing short of inspiring, but there's also a slim chance many students actually experience it.  For many, sleep often takes the back-burner in college to the swarm of classes, work responsibilities, studying needs, and extracurricular activities, if you add that to your plate as well.

Sleep is an integral part of the human day, though.  Not getting enough sleep can prevent both the body and mind from being able to repair itself fully, lending to a lack of focus and motivation for the next day.  Sleep is also one of the main functions that appears to be controlled by our ECS, which is why many have starting incorporating CBD into their daily routine, just before bedtime.

Taking CBD before bed helps promote general wellness, and one of the ways it does this is by stimulating a healthy, positive circadian rhythm.  While it's not CBD doing it all on its own, cannabidiol is what helps the body push a little harder and start using its resources better to improve your rate of sleep.

the bottom line

CBD needs time to of any use.  While it is possible to feel some of its effects upon consumption, its total potential benefit comes with time and consistency.  It is an important reminder that if you are student and considering CBD for the benefits we've touched on, you'll need to use it everyday for a consistent period of time before you may begin to notice the difference.

In conclusion, everyone is different, but CBD could benefit students in certain aspects of their life.  Consistent, daily use may lead to reduced anxiety, alleviation from the symptoms associated with both chronic and acute pain, and the regulation of a healthy sleep pattern.  One of the biggest reasons people have started utilizing CBD, though, is for its potential to promote general wellness and improve overall health.



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