American Families Now Look to CBD As a Safer Alternative to the Hustle

American Families Now Look to CBD As a Safer Alternative to the Hustle

Parents have long relied on a variety of chemicals to help them get through the day.  In fact, since I was kid, my mom used Ambien to help her sleep and escape the stress of raising two boys and balancing law school and work.  Chemicals like Ambien and others are what Supermoms and Dads alike call "Mother's Little Helpers" and have engaged in this form of coping for the last 50 years.  The 1970's saw the rise of Valium, the 80's saw cocaine, and eventually that morphed into a plethora of different drugs taken recreationally to ease the stress of balancing work and home life.  Fast forward to 2019 where parents are now putting in more hours at work, taking on new responsibilities and endeavors with school, starting side businesses to bring in passive income, and of course, raising a family; these individuals are now self-conscious of the physical and mental toll certain substances are taken on their bodies.  As CBD enters into the mainstream, parents are now looking to level up the methods of obtaining relaxation.

In addition to parents now looking to level-up their intake of stress-relieving substances in a less destructive way, CBD is trending towards exponential growth among all adults in the United States.  According to The Brightfield Group, a cannabis market research firm, CBD sales are expected to reach $22 billion by 2022; keep in mind that this growth has factored in the legal gray area over distributing the products as dietary supplements and food as mandate by the FDA.

As you know, cannabidiol, or CBD, is an active chemical found in both hemp and marijuana.  Despite scientific research being so new, and by-and-large, inconclusive about the medicinal efficacy of the chemical, several anecdotal reports from users indicate that regular and efficient dosages of CBD has been shown to alleviate anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and insomnia.  In addition to that, CBD is by nature, non-psychoactive and non-addictive, further proving the chemical to be an attractive option for strung-out parents trying to keep a level-head when raising a toddler for instance.

So what about the legality of CBD?  As we mentioned above, the FDA currently does not allow the sale and distribution of CBD across state lines, especially if it marketed as a food or supplement.  The agency has already advanced several warning letters towards brands and manufacturers of violating their already-vague regulations as to what is considered marketing a CBD product as a supplement.  There is light at the end of the tunnel however, companies like Envy CBD have invested several years into the molecular structure of the chemical and have developed a sustainable manufacturing model that aims to take the world by storm with its premium CBD-infused products.

Back in December, Congress passed the updated 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the production of hemp so as long as the chemical properties of the plant contains less than 0.3 percent THC.  Rest assured, when it comes to CBD products and the legality around them, we have taken compliance very seriously.  A 2017 study analyzing 84 CBD products from 31 different companies found that the amount of CBD on the label was often inaccurate.  Perhaps most concerning, THC was detected in 18 of the 84 samples, further adding an even deeper microscope from regulators on how such an innocent chemical can come under so much scrutiny.  While we are concerned about the mass availability CBD has made itself to parents and American adults alike, we are taking every reasonable step under the Sun to mitigate potential issues as this.  For reference, we have conducted third-party lab tests for all of our products, from Tinctures to Topicals, and Soft Chews to Body Lotion , our test results indicate our products are THC-Free and free of any contaminants.

As for parents and working professionals looking for a worry-free alternative, the mass interest in CBD not only thrills us as a company, but deep, down inside we maintain a sense that more or less, we are helping people achieve a feeling without any real consequences.  In our opinion, that's a pretty powerful feeling.  As it stands right now in American society, families with one or more parents being working professionals face anxiety-provoking challenges.  There is no federally mandated paid parental leave, no universal child care, no universal health care - the list goes on.  While many might go back and forth questioning the existence or even the demand for such programs, one thing is certain: parenting is hard and continues to get harder the more we invest in ourselves concurrently with investing in our respective spheres of influence.

That being said, all we can do is support those that have already made the decision to include CBD in their daily lives and to always educate and encourage responsible usage of our premium CBD products for those that are interested in including them.

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