5 Ways to Level Up Your Self-Care Game

5 Ways to Level Up Your Self-Care Game

If we haven't already made this apparent, it's this: WE ARE MASSIVE FANS OF SELF-CARE.  After all, we are a hemp-derived CBD brand whose entire existence is to help people take care of themselves!  And what better way to take care of oneself than to exercise some much-needed and well-deserved TLC?

Since we're such big fans of self-care, we exercise our own routine which includes soaking in a hot tub with one or a few CBD Bath Bombs in it, having some wine and maybe sparking a joint or two.  Then again, that's just us.  You can definitely get away with simply adding a hefty amount of CBD to a nice set and setting and just allowing yourself be alone with your thoughts.  That alone is one of the most therapeutic activities we don't give ourselves enough.

So that's what this article will be about.  How exactly can you establish a nighttime routine centered around giving yourself the tender, love, and care we all love, crave, and need?  Here are the five steps you need to take to make that happen.


To effectively give yourself the time and space to actually make this a thing, naturally, you'd need to set up your immediate environment for it.  This includes making sure you have a tub to soak in and your setting has everything you need to carry out a night filled with relaxation, calmness, and nice vibes.  Here's what you should start with:

  • Candles - Unless you have LED lights in your bathroom, bathroom lights are harsh and don't always set a nice ambiance for the room.  Remember, you'll be spending anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour in here.  Make sure you're sitting in a space that is warm, inviting, and delivers relaxation vibes.
  • Aromatherapy - you can easily pick up some essential oils, throw it into a diffuser and breathe in the vapor.  You can also pick up any of our CBD Essential Oil Roll-Ons for direct application of the essential oils.  Aromatherapy and CBD is a not a new concept, but nevertheless there hasn't been widespread adoption of it either.  Applying a roll-on directly to your skin on either your wrists or temples can immediately deliver feelings of calm and relaxation, thus getting you ready for the night ahead.
  • Face Mask - If the name of the game is to relax in a hot tub, naturally, how would your face benefit from this?  Enter the power of the Face Mask!  These face masks can be a sheet mask with aloe vera, charcoal, green tea, or you can level up the entire experience and find a CBD Face Mask!
  • Bath Tub - This is a no-brainer if you're going to be experiencing a full-body relaxation bout over a CBD Bath Bomb.
  • Beverage of Choice - This can be a glass of wine, tea, hot apple cider, you name it.  TLC vibes are what you make of it, so you might as well live it up!
  • More CBD - Okay, so we have a CBD Bath Bomb for most of your external skin, a Face Mask for your face, and Essential Oil for increased vibes.  To the extent of providing a more-true holistic experience, we recommend having a bottle of our CBD Tinctures on-hand as well.

STEP 2: take cbd, run the bath, and breathe in the aromatherapy!

Now that you have your setting squared away and all the products you can possibly engorge yourself with, start by taking a dropper full of your favorite CBD Tincture Oil flavor.  CBD Tinctures stand as one of the most popular and effective ways to take CBD.  Since it's taken sublingually, meaning, you're dropping the CBD oil under your tongue, you are completely surpassing the digestive system, allowing for the effects to be felt in a matter of minutes and lasting several hours.

Next, light your candles and turn off the lights.  It should be fairly dark other than where your candles are.  This darker ambiance should set your internal clock to be borderline sleeping time, thus relaxing more of your muscles and toning down the racing thoughts that are likely happening in your head.  During this time, fire up your diffuser with the essential oils or apply a CBD Essential Oil Roll-On on your wrists or temples to further set your body up for relaxation.


Here's the fun part - you finally get to enjoy the fruits of your labor!  Drop a CBD Bath Bomb into the hot water tub, climb in, apply your face mask, reach for your beverage and just soak!

Our CBD Bath Bombs come in three scents, all of which harness the power of CBD and essential oils to help ease your worries while also providing relief from everyday activities and can prepare you for a better night of sleep ahead.

On top of soaking in a pool of CBD and essential oils, and since you have a face mask on where movement is highly discouraged, take this time to quiet your mind over meditation.  Simply focusing on breathing in and out helps to establish a true relaxation inside the most chaotic place you have control over: your mind.


Alright, so you've been soaking in the tub for anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes now.  Your face mask is ready to come off, you climb out of the tub, you towel up, now what?  Well, the spa date with yourself doesn't end quite yet!  Having an assortment of CBD Body Lotions and Face Creams do wonders post-bath.  CBD Topicals in general provide on-demand spot treatment of various levels of discomfort.  So applying generous amounts of CBD Topicals onto your fresh-smelling and clean skin feels smooth and works to reduce any lingering muscle tension.


And there we have it!  An entire nighttime routine centered around soaking away your worries and ease yourself into an enjoyable night.  As the final cherry-on-top, we recommend having a journal on-hand.  We are firm believers of keeping a gratitude journal.  Gratitude journals help increase self-awareness and helps the mind to truly process negative events.  You can keep it as simple as writing down five things you're thankful for or writing it letter-style as if you are complimenting the most important person in the world (this is you).

It's important to love yourself, even if it's just a little bit, or a finite amount of time every single day.  We hope you found this guide helpful in re-establishing some healthy boundaries between you and the hectic lives we live.  Nothing is better than living your best life while keeping health and wellness as the focus!  Pick up your fill of wellness-inducing CBD products from Envy and get your nighttime spa routine locked down!  We can't wait to hear about how it went!

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