5 Daily Situations to Use Envy CBD!

5 Daily Situations to Use Envy CBD!

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been around for nearly 100 years, but for the first time since it was discovered, the chemical has finally found its way back into the mainstream spotlight from both the medical community and holistic wellness enthusiasts alike as a natural alternative to managing a variety of ailments.  The rise in popularity, and therefore demand in premium CBD products has led to a wave of CBD products that are designed to suit virtually any need or use.  In fact, Envy CBD's products do just that - boasting a product line spanning from Tinctures to Topicals and Soft Chews to Body Lotion, all with varying strengths and flavors, the abundance of choice is well, abundant!

While options are nice however, it can be daunting to consider which CBD product is the right one for your specific needs.  This brief guide will help you uncover some of the best (and most popular) ways, times and uses to get the most out of your Envy CBD products.

AM Snooze

For most Americans, the day doesn't begin until they've had that first cup of coffee and the subsequent dose of caffeine before properly getting into the routine of the workday.  In fact, as this article was written, we're confident in pointing out that several cups of coffee were consumed.  One cup or several cups, the fact of the matter is, coffee has ingrained itself as the ultimate requirement for a successful morning.  What if however, there was a way to level that up?  And the way in which to level up was the inclusion of CBD?


Double Apple Tincture / Oil

Strawberry Watermelon Tincture / Oil

Believe it or not, CBD-infused coffee is a real thing and has continued to be a real thing for some time now.  While there are dedicated coffee beverages out there with a certain strength of CBD already infused within, chances are, it's not YOUR coffee that has kept you going for all these years.  A simple workaround is to take a cup of your coffee, pick up either our Strawberry Watermelon or Double Apple Tincture/Oil and apply the oil into your beverages.  Don't trip about the competing flavors, we tried this and there are very few things that have the flavor endurance to mask the taste of coffee.  And ff you're not looking for the caffeinated jitters, this same method works just as well for decaf as it does for your standard cup of joe.


What about that mid-day lull in work productivity?  Did the office celebrate a birthday and order BBQ catering for everyone?  Did you eat more than usual and now you're a victim of food coma; barely getting your work done?  Or did you drink too much coffee this morning leaving you on edge bouncing all over the room doing work at lightning fast speed but missing all the fine details in the process?

If you happen to have those mid-day lulls or jitters, we found that eating a couple Soft Chews helps to ease your anxiety and stress associated with what would already be an anxiety attack waiting to happen.  We mention Soft Chews because of how discreet it can be.  Simple keep a container at your desk and apply as needed.  It'll be a little more discreet than dropping some liquid into your mouth then having to explain yourself to your Supervisor about this somewhat strange-looking liquid.

If CBD can help anything, it can definitely help with managing productivity through its chemical properties as an anti-inflammatory agent for both the mind and body.  Keep in mind however, should you look to Soft Chews as your preferred method of CBD consumption, there is a slow-release on gummy, so for the effects to take place, we recommend consuming it a few hours before or immediately after your lunch so its effects occur when you need them most!

Gains Gains Gains!

Regular exercise is a great way to diffuse stress and blow off steam if your workday was previously filled with endless meetings, never-ending work piles, and overall negative feelings towards the activity altogether.  Working out via the gym, the track, the swimming pool, the boxing ring, or the football field all have its potential to alleviate stress from the day.  The downside however is that it leaves your muscles ravaged in the process.

In this case, we recommend applying a generous dose of our Apple-Scented Body Lotion to the affected parts after your workout.  This CBD-infused moisturizer takes the combination of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil to help alleviate joint and muscle pain.  These topical, non-greasy creams come in an easy-to-use, no-mess pump bottle containing 100mg of CBD.

Preserving the Money Shot, One Night at a Time

Shower? Check.  Flossed?  Check.  Trimmed nails?  Check.  Moisturized face?  Next up!

Keep that smile, your cheeks, and the all-around baby face that you've worked so hard to preserve after all these years with our Face Cream!  This unscented, and extra gentle formula uses CBD to help reduce noticeable aging, alleviate localized pain, and relax those muscles after stressing all day and night over just about everything.  The money shot is your face and we all deserve to give it the pampering it deserves.

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